H: Cryx, WM misc W:$$, Jyhad/VTES, Arkham Horror BG, armada, FOW, Switch, Misc

Find ALL the inhabitants of the Iron Kingdoms here! This thread is for non-collectable Privateer Press games (Warmachine & Hordes). You may post MINIS for the IK RPG here, as well.

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H: Cryx, WM misc W:$$, Jyhad/VTES, Arkham Horror BG, armada, FOW, Switch, Misc

Post by ChaplinXavier » Wed May 16, 2018 5:58 pm

US Only Please

I have the following:

-I do not have any cards.

Helljack kit-Makes corruptor, reaper and one other-in box
Iron Lich asphysious 2010 in blister
10 mech tralls-metal part painted
10 bile thralls-metal part painted
10 blood witches metal basecoated
eSkarre metal basecoated
necro surgen and 3 stich thralls metal, basecoated
10 satyxis raiders, metal bare
2 death rippers, plastic painted
pDenegra, plastic painted
Slayer, plastic painted
2 ripjaw, plastic painted
1 defiler, plastic painted.

6 steel head halderdiers-metal, bare
8 boom howlers, metal bare
mule metal, bare, unassembled.
piper of ord
lord rockham

US Only Please

I am looking for the following:

Looking for a well rounded collection, not just a bunch of commons/uncommons.

Battlegroup rulebooks

Imperial assault, just need sets starting with Jabba's Palace release until present

Star wars Armada-need most imperial, non starter set also looking for some rebels, mostly later waves

X-wing-just looking for wave 11 until now

Arkham Horror board game expansions


game mats, anything else that scales well and works well with Malifaux.

Looking for new 2E plastics only, Prefer on sprue. if assembled, unpainted only.

Starter set

Guild Perdita crew in particular, and stuff that works with her. will consider others

Tortoise and the Hare box
Claw and Fang Crew
Hoarcat pride Mechanical Riders
Oxfordian mages
Blessed of december
Essence of power
Gun smiths
Slate ridge mauler
Snow storm
Large Arachnid
Ice Dancers
Trouble shooters crew
Beacon Of knowledge
Shastar Vidiya guards
Carlos vasques
Poison Gamin
Amina Naidu
Fredinand Vogel
Medical Automations

Cross Road seven
night terrors
Datsue Ba & Seishin
The Drowned
Necro punks
Graveyard spirit
yin-The penangalan
Anna Lovelace
The mercy of death crew
Sheild bearers
Bone Piles
Little Gassers

Wabbit rider
Swamp hag box
Hog Whisper

Books for 2E

Shifting Loyalties

Wii controllers with built in motion plus

Wii U and and Wii games
Zelda games
Mario games
Mario cart Wii
good 2 player games.

Nintendo switch games and accessories

Co-op board/card games that can be played with 2 people

Flames of war
Battlefront desert buildings (other than large small)
other desert terrain
Battlefront rural roads and expansions
new Double sided gaming mat from Battlefront
Battlefront Train Track expansion
Battle front Train buildings.

Humber III x2
8th army motor plt

Fighting First USA-new release models/sets only

let me know what you have.

Italians Prefer new plastics, on sprue

I have nothing, let me know what you have

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