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H:Cygnar/Khador/Mercs W:$$

Find ALL the inhabitants of the Iron Kingdoms here! This thread is for non-collectable Privateer Press games (Warmachine & Hordes). You may post MINIS for the IK RPG here, as well.

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Moravian ( 48 )
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H:Cygnar/Khador/Mercs W:$$

Post by Moravian » Sun Aug 13, 2017 3:57 am

Hi all,

Looking to offload some Warmachine. Not interested in selling one or two items. Looking to move in larger lots. Most is just assembled with some primed black and a few items painted (will let you know depending on what you're interested in).

Here's the list:

Cygnar Nemo 1
Cygnar Caine 1
Cygnar Darius
Cygnar Kraye
Cygnar Sloan
Cygnar Haley 1 Resculpt
Cygnar Nemo 1
Cygnar Stryker 1 (variant)
Cygnar Sturgis 1 (tactics sculpt)
Cygnar Blaize
Cygnar Nemo 2
Cygnar Caine 2
Cygnar Stryker 2
Cygnar Styker 3
Cygnar Siege (1st sculpt)
Cygnar Haley 3
Cygnar Haley 2
Cygnar Avenger
Cygnar Centurion
Cygnar Charger
Cygnar Cyclone
Cygnar Defender
Cygnar Dynamo
Cygnar Firefly x 2
Cygnar Gallant
Cygnar Hammersmith
Cygnar Hunter x3
Cygnar Ironclad x2
Cygnar Lancer x2
Cygnar Minuteman x2
Cygnar Ol'Rowdy
Cygnar Sentinel
Cygnar Stormclad
Cygnar Thorn
Cygnar Thunderhead (classic sculpt)
Cygnar Gun Mage Officer
Cygnar Gun Mages x2
Cygnar Black 13 resculpt
Cygnar Murdoch
Cygnar Field mechanics
Cygnar Long Gunners
Cygnar Long Gunner UA
Cygnar Precursors
Cygnar Precursor UA
Cygnar Rangers
Cygnar Storm Lances
Cygnar Stormblades
Cygnar Stormblade UA
Cygnar Stormguard
Cygnar Stormsmith Tower
Cygnar Sword Knights
Cygnar Sword Knights UA
Cygnar Tempest Blazers
Cygnar Trencher Cannon
Cygnar Trencher Chain Gun
Cygnar Trencher Sniper & Officer
Cygnar Trenchers + 1 weapon attachment
Cygnar Runewood
Cygnar Strangeways
Cygnar Maxwell Finn
Cygnar Gun Mage Adept
Cygnar Journeyman (male sculpt)
Cygnar Lieutenant Jakes
Cygnar Laddermore
Cygnar Squire
Cygnar Stormblade Captain
Cygnar Stormcallers
Cygnar Trencher Master Gunner
Cygnar Storm Strider
Cygnar Stormwall
Khador Irusk 1
Khador Harkevich
Khador Sorscha 1
Khador Butcher 3
Khador Old Witch
Khador Butcher 1
Khador Behemoth (resculpt)
Khador Decimator
Khador Demolisher
Khador Destroyer
Khador Grolar
Khador Juggernaut x2
Khador Ruin
Khador Spriggan
Khador Greylord Ternion
Khador Iron Fang Pikemen
Khador Iron Fang UA
Khador Kayazy Underboss
Khador Kayazy Assassins
Khador Valachev
Khador Widowmakers
Khador Winnterguard Infantry5
Khador Winterguard UA
Khador Grigorovich
Khador Manhunter
Khador Manhunter variant
Khador War dog
Khador Widowmaker Marksman
Mercs Renegade
Mercs Alexia 1 and risen
Mercs Devil Dog min
Mercs Nyss Hunters
Mercs Blythe and Bull
Mercs Boomhowlers
Mercs Herne & Jonne
Mercs Forge Guard
Mercs Aiyana & Holt
Mercs Tactical Arcanist Corps
Mercs Anastasia Di Bray
Mercs Eiryss 2
Mercs Eiryss 1
Mercs Gorman
Mercs Harlan Versh
Mercs Ogrun Bokur
Mercs Ragman
Mercs Raluk Moorclaw
Mercs Reinholdt
Mercs Rhupert Carvolo
Mercs Rutger Shaw
Mercs Sylys Wyshnalyrr
Mercs Taryn Di La Rovissi


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