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H: Cryx, Trolls, Khador, other: W: tyranids, orks, 40k offers.

Find ALL the inhabitants of the Iron Kingdoms here! This thread is for non-collectable Privateer Press games (Warmachine & Hordes). You may post MINIS for the IK RPG here, as well.

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H: Cryx, Trolls, Khador, other: W: tyranids, orks, 40k offers.

Post by SirBrokenSword » Sat May 20, 2017 4:10 am

Hey Btown!

Looking to start a 40k army in preparation for the new edition coming out. I have my eye on Orks, but I'm open to offers. Additionally I'm always looking for star wars destiny, Or a nice airbrush setup.

I’m willing to split stuff up as long as your willing to pay shipping, or the trade makes sense. I’m unlikely to pay $4 to trade a $10 model, but other than that I’m open.

I have No Mk3 cards for these factions yet. None. sorry guys.

I'll start selling anything starting at 50% of retail, but feel free to make offers. Prices below that listed below.


Hunters grim $40
Madrak1 $18
Madrak 2 $18
Borka 1 $28

Mulg $60
Rok (magnetized) $55

slag troll $20
Swamp troll $21
Blitzer (plastic) $35
Axer (metal) $18
earthborn (metal) $35

Kriel warrior ua $19
Scattergunners ua $24
10x whelps $30
Krielstone + ua $72
Pygmy burrowers $45
Sons of bragg $40 (nib)
Braylin wanderheart $18
4x runeshapers $128
Janissa stonetide $13
Fell caller $14
Runebearer $13
Warders $45
2x champs (one metal) $90
Skaldi bonehammer $19

Hordes battlefoam with custom “trollcut foam” $200
Troll tokens $11

Retail $1,129
I'll take $505 shipped to you (in the battlefoam)

Cryx models list:

17 bane warriors (2 missing parts) $85
bane thrall ua $28
22 bane knights (1 missing parts) $187
2x units bane riders $130
3x withershadow combine $75
necro surgeon and stitch thralls $14


goreshade1 ( new) $25
3x denny1 (2xplastic, 1 metal) $30
denny2 ( a couple of broken backblades) $15


2x skarlock thrall $20
2x pistol wraiths (2 with broken pistols) $8
gerlack slaughterborn $15
necrotech & scrap thrall $13
kickstarter aiakos $20 (discount from ebay price of $35)


slayer $35
harrower $35
5x deathripper $50
5x defiler $50
2x nightwretch $18

cryx dice $15

total retail: $868

I'll take $410 shipped to you


Mk2 Battlebox $50
Obstructors $50



Butcher 1
vlad 1
vlad 2
sorsha 1 (metal)
Irusk 2


Behemoth (new model)
3x juggernaught (metal)
2x juggernaught
Destroyer (metal)


Koldun Lord
man o War Kovnik
Kovnik Joseph Grigorovich
widowmaker Marksman
Kell bailach
Man o War Drakhun
Gobber Reinholt
Ogrun Bokor
2x Gobber Tinker


Ironfang Pikemen (metal, many with broken/missing spears) (ill make you a good deal on these)
Doom Reavers (painted, very very nice)
2 units Man o War Shocktroopers
winterguard Infantry +ua
Winterguard infatry ua only
Winterguard rifle corps
2 units of Kayazzy eliminators
kayazzy assasins +ua
Winterguard Mortar
Winterguard Field Gun

Khador tokens set

Vayl 1 $11


Dice $15
Trencher master gunner $10
Stormsmith stormcallers $18


Captain Bartolo montador $10
Aiyanna and holt $16
Rutger shaw $10

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