W: Battlefoam cases and foam as well as magnaracks H: Lots to trade

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W: Battlefoam cases and foam as well as magnaracks H: Lots to trade

Post by gwaddict » Wed Feb 06, 2019 7:23 pm

Thanks for checking out my trade list, I look forward to bartering with you =)

Please note:
** Prices listed by items are retail and for reference only. I don’t expect to get retail. Most stuff is usually 30-50% off retail depending on condition and quantity bought
** I try to respond in a timely fashion, if I don’t, shoot me a friendly reminder, and I will do the same. Life happens I get it.
** Make an offer if you see something you like. Please mention if the offer includes shipping and handling or not, ie say "$25 incl. s&h", easy enough.


Kill Team
I would love to move this as a lot but will break it down prices next to the items are for those components shipped in the USA. Thanks!

Rulebook and Data Cards - $40
Genestealer cult - GSC Cards, background booklet, token sheet - $40
Mechanicus , Mechanicus Cards, background booklet, token sheet, models on sprue - $50
Tau, Tau Cards, background booklet, token sheet, 10 Fire warriors built $45
Necron- Necron cards, background booklet, token sheet, Immortals on sprue $45
Foam Games Workshop City Fight terrain

1 Ethereals
Commander Farsight (resin)
2 Cadre Fireblade (missing hand)
20 pathfinders
2 Riptide
1 Storm surge
2 Broadside (1 Nos)
9 Battlesuites (3 old school on sprue)
1 XV109 Y'Vahra Battlesuit
6 Stealth Suits
~60 Firewarriors
~3 hammerhead
~3 Devilfish
1 Razorshark strike fighter
5 Piranha

Space Marines -
~40 tactical marines
5-10 Assault marines
5-15 Terminators
3-6 Bikes
2 Dreadnaughts
10 Devestators
Space Marine captain from 99 with cape, power fist and bolter
Ultramarine - 1 tyranid war vet
Ultramarine - 10 shoulder pads
Ultramarine - Captain Sicarius
Ultramarine - Marneus Calgar w/ 2 honor guard, standard bearer missing hand, other with
plume also missing hands
Ultramarine - Marneus Calgar (old School with one gun switched for plasma)
Blood Angels - Mephiston
35 Space Marines (monopose)
Old School Vindicator x2
Old School Razorback
Nos Terminators
NOS Ravenwing bikers x6
NOS Ravenwing Attackbike
NOS Ravenwing Speeder

Keeper of Secrets $57
1 Burning Chariot of Tzeentch $40
10 seekers of Slaanesh $58
Daemonettes of Slaanesh $58
Plague Bearers of Nurgle $58
Skull Taker $22
Khorne Bloodthrone $40
1 Soul grinders $66
4 Chaos Spawn ( built) $41
Retail ~$ 440

Grey Knights
Dreadnaught with FW Close Combat Weapon

Imperial Guard/ Astra Militarium
5 Tempestus Scions on sprue
10 Vostroyans
10 Mordians
1 Leman Russ

30k Space Marines
25 Mk3 marines Nos $125
39-41 Mk 4 Marines NOS $200
1 Contemptor Dreadnaughts on sprue $60
10 Cataphractii Terminators NOS $130
5 Tartaros Terminators (built no paint) $60
30k Space marine heroes $50
FW Corvus Corax $ 109
Total retail is 734
(FW Captain and Librarian and ~20 more marines, 1 FW Relic Speeder)

Chaos Space Marines
~20 Chaos Space Marines
~5 Chaos Terminators
1 Chaos Dread
1 Defiler
1 Chaos Rhino
1 Terminator Lord
2 Chaos Lords, Nurgle and a Khorne
Daemon Prince (metal. khorne and a tzeentch)

Brettonian Army Keeping the lot together at this time (mostly unpainted)
3 lords/heroes/paladins 1/ banner 1/ lance 1/ axe ~$90 Dollars (30 each)
1 green Knight w/ paint $35
1 Leoncour on Griffin W/ primer $50
7 Questing knights with musician and standard $105 (15 each)
2 Damsels, 1 on foot, 1 mounted $25
10 mounted yoeman $120
20 Knights if the Realm primed $140(~$7 each)
10 knights errants (I think) $70 (~$7 each)
~43 men at arms $60
9 Pegasus Knights $135 (15 each)
1 Trebuchet w/ 4 crew and a kids $50
Reliquary w/6 Pilgrims $90
Ebay value ~970, open to offers

Misc Age of Sigmar/Fantasy
Dwarf - Games Day Dwarf Slayer

Menoth Starter force plus extras (partially assembled)

Black Library/books/magazines
Imperial Armour Aeronautica
Imperial Armour Volume two – War machines of the Adeptus Astartes
Crimson Tears
Soul Drinker
The Bleeding Chalice
Dawn of War II
The Killing Ground
Courage and Honour
Grey Knights
Deus Sanguinius
Brothers of the Snake
The killing Ground
Warriors of Ultramar
Know No Fear (Horus Heresy series)
Angel Exterminatus (Horus Heresy series)
The Damnation of Pythos (Horus Heresy series)
Angel Exterminatus (Horus Heresy series)
Mark of Calth (Horus Heresy series)
Shadows of Treachery (Horus Heresy series)
Age of Darkness (Horus Heresy series)
The First Heretic (Horus Heresy series)
Nemesis (Horus Heresy series)
Mechanicum (Horus Heresy series)
The Redeenmer issue 2
Tyranid Codex 2001 and 2009
Bretonnian Codex 2003
Island of Blood quick start rules
Marine codex 1998
Imperial Guard 1999 and 08
Blood Angels 1998
Eldar 2006 x2
Craftworld supplement 2000
Eldar 1999 x2

GW Metal Dice tin
12 Red white and blue dice with american flag
2 Games workshop tape measuring tapes
4 Games workshop clear/white template sets
2 Aegis defense line
Foam Games Workshop City Fight terrain

Board/Video Games
Battle Cry
War age of Imperialism
Twilight Imperium 3rd edition

Heavy Gear
Kickstarter backer patch


Astra Militarium
Death Korps of Krieg models/calvary/bits/vehicles etc
Mars Alpha Pattern Leman Russ 's
Solar Auxilia Stuff infantry squads etc
Solar Auxila Leman Russ Incinerator
Aurox armoured Transport
Carnodon Battle Tank
Solar Auxilia Basiilik/Medusa
Dracosan Armoured Transports
Regimental Adviser
Imperial Knight warden upgrade sprue
Renegade Ogryn strangling a Korpsman from Gamesday?

GW Boxed/Specialists Games
Necromunda – Underhive Badzone Delta etc. Let me know what you have. T
Kill Team – Faction boxes and Commander Sets
Kill Team – Terrain Sets
Kill Team – Cards, dice, tape measure, army case etc

Tyranid/Genestealer Cult
Data Cards
Tyrant guards (plastic)
New GSC units

Ork flyers
Mek Gunz
New Buggies, wagons and trikes
Ork vehicle bits/weapons for conversions

Space Marines
Primaris Imperial fist Upgrade Bits
Deathwatch - Corvus Blackstar
UK White Dwarf Veteran Marine
2004 Army box veteran marine
Marine Stalker/Hunter parts

Bitz and Bases
Sector Imperialis Bases
Necromunda Bases
Sector Mechanicus Bases
Primaris Imperial/Crimson Fist Sprues
FW Bits to convert landraiders into a MKIIB LAND RAIDER, and a landraider helios
Your pile of Bitz (if you have a bitz box you want to unload for cheap let me know)

Terrain and Hobby supplies
Battlefoam cases and foam/metal trays
Terrain - Games Workshop (Prometheium relay pipes, KT stuff, etc)
Terrain - Forgeworld
Terrain - Flames of War (Hedgerows, Rural Roads, premium buildings, tributaries)
Terrain - Gale Force Nine
Wall of Martyrs - Firestorm Redoubt
Wall of Martyrs - Aquila Strongpoint
Wall of Martyrs - Vengeance Weapons Battery
Paint Brushes, good quality ones (new/like new)
Hobby Clippers
Warhammer visions and new format white dwarfs that you no longer want

Pan Oceano - Seraphs, Military Order Armored Cavalry
Pan Oceano - Magister Knights
Pan Oceano - Teutonic Knights (Spitfire)
Ariadna - Grunts

Board Games/Video Games/consoles/Tech
Gaia Project
Great Western Trail
Games for Xbox 1
Star Wars X wing wave 3.5 and later (except for most wanted set)
Xwing conversion sets for rebels, imperials and scum
Star Wars Armada Wave 2 and later expansions
Brass - Birmingham
Warhammer Conquest 1 core and planetfall and deathworld cycle expansions
Playstation 4 system and controllers
2ds / 2dsxl and games
1. I do my best to communicate & ship in a timely matter & expect the same
2. If you or I back out of a trade expect the other to post so in the b/o forum etc, if thats not okay then I am not your man to trade with
3. An offer of "$25" for an item does not include s&h if you are not okay with actual shipping charges from the USPS on top of that then say "$25 incl s&h".. simple enough..
4. Please be polite, leave feedback

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