H: used paint pots and new bases W: shipping

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H: used paint pots and new bases W: shipping

Post by porkuslime » Wed Apr 11, 2018 8:45 pm

Hey.. cleaning up the ol hobby lair, and for SOME reason I was hanging onto these items..

approx 30 empty or crusty GW paint pots from different generations of pots. - Free for the cost of shipping inside the USA, outside, well, you must REALLY want em..

10 of the 25mm wide regimental strip bases, unused
15 or so square 25mm bases with a raised lip, I think these are Freebooter miniatures bases
20+ 20mm square bases for Fantasy Battles.. not sure anyone wants these!
approx 30 round 25mm bases from Reaper Miniatures, no slot.. these came with one of the kickstarters..

Take one or take em all..

For the bases, I would LIKE to get some of the newer Necromunda 25mm textured bases from GW, but that is a hope.. not a requirement
Maybe some fantasy type terrain in small amounts.

Please help me out!
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