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H: Older GW paint lot for sale/trade

A place for stuff that is cross-genre. Paint, tools, carrying cases, modelling supplies, etc.

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gwaddict ( 444 )
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H: Older GW paint lot for sale/trade

Post by gwaddict » Wed Nov 08, 2017 9:41 pm

Thanks for checking out my trade list, I look forward to bartering with you =)

Please note:
** Prices listed by items are retail and for reference only. I don’t expect to get retail. Most stuff is usually 30-60% off retail depending on condition and quantity bought
** I try to respond in a timely fashion, if I don’t, shoot me a friendly reminder, and I will do the same. Life happens I get it.
** Make an offer if you see something you like. Please mention if the offer includes shipping and handling or not, ie say "$25 incl. s&h", easy enough.



Space Marines -
~60 tactical marines
10-20 Assault marines
5-10 Terminators
Space Marine captain from 99 wtih cape, power fist and bolter
Ultramarine - 2 tyranid war vets
Ultramarine - 10 shoulder pads
Ultramarine - Captain Sicarius
Ultramarine - Marneus Calgar w/ 2 honor guard, standard bearer missing hand, other with
plume also missing hands
Raven Guard - tactical marine bits from forgeworld
Raven Guard - Commander from forgeworld
3 Attack Bikes
3 Attack Bike Conversion Bits (Metal bits to convert regular bike into an attack bike)
5 Bikes
35 Space Marines (monopose)
2 storm talons (assembled/w/ paint)

22 Hormagaunts (painted)
72 Termagaunts (painted)

9 Jetbikes $123
2 Vypers $60
~60-65 Guardians $217
12 dark reapers (3 missing guns) $82
12 Striking scorpions (4 missing a arm) $82
3 howling banshees (1 with replacment arm)
20 Warp Spiders $165
5 fire dragons $41
5 pathfinders/rangers $32
1 avatar of Khaine $40
2 wraithlords (1 metal) $92
1 eldrad $20
4 farseers/warlocks $33
2 Serpent/fire prism $89
Harlequins 40
10 Dire Avengers 70

Retail is ~$1186

Chaos Space Marines
Warpsmith (unpainted)
Forgeworld Chaos Imp Guard Artillery crew (~3 groups?)
4 Chaos Terminators

Grey Knights
Grey Knights
20 Terminators $200
7 Strike Squad $42
10 Purgation Squad $60
10 Interceptor Squad $60
1 Dreadknight $53.75
Librarian $30
Draigo $22.25
Stern $22.25
Dreadnaught $46.25
2 Stormtalon $110
1 Stormraven $82.50
1 Rhino $37.25
Retail ~$766.25

1 Warboss
3 Deffkoptas? (2 standard, 1 converted)
6 Bikers ( 5 Painted)
4 stormboyz ( primed missing bits)
5 Kommandos (painted missing bits)
Orc & Goblin - 2007 Games day Orc (no gobo)

Misc 40k
12 Red white and blue dice with american flag
2 Games workshop tape measuring tapes
4 Games workshop clear/white template sets
2 Aegis defense line
Necron Lord in blister

Fantasy/age of sigmar
Bretonnia - Damsel on horse
Dwarf - Games Day Dwarf Slayer
Orc & Goblin - 2007 Games day Orc (no gobo)
Dragon Ogre Shaggoth (painted)
Warriors of Chaos
Brettonian Army
Grand Alliance Chaos Book

Flames of War/Bolt Action
FoW - Magentic basing system GF952013
FOW - SS Grenadiers GE813
US Infantry
~ 56 infantry bases
~ 20 hmg bases
1 at
~ 7 mortar bases
~ 11 bazookas bases
~ 26 hq bases

Cygnar Mk2 Plastic Starter (Stryker, Charger(L), Lancer(L), Ironclad(H)
Cygnar Thorn (CL)
Cygnar Cyclone? (H)
Cygnar Trencher Chain Gun
Cygnar Captain Maxwell Finn
Cygnar Journeyman Warcaster
Cygnar Tokens
~$150 Retail

Ariadna Scottish starter box (unpainted)
Emergency service (doctor)
Caledonian Mormaers (t2 rifle)

Board/Video Games
Battle line $22 retail
Battle Cry ~$25-50 on ebay
War age of Imperialism $13-21 on ebay
Senator ~$10-17 on ebay
Walking dead ~$5-21 on ebay
Attack Wing D and D Starter
Twilight Imperium 3rd edition

Battlefleet Gothic

Black Library/books/magazines
Mechanicum (about Titans and Knights of mars during the horus heresey)
The Redeenmer issue 2
White Dwarfs, 265, 300, 322,340,344,349,350,352,353,354,355,356,357,358, 364,365,366,
Tyranid Codex 2001 and 2009
Bretonnian Codex 2003
Island of Blood quick start rules
Marine codex 1998
Imperial Guard 1999 and 08
Blood Angels 1998
Eldar 2006 x2
Craftworld supplement 2000
Eldar 1999 x2
Imperial Armour Volume 8 Raid on Kastorel-Novem 1 (spine is damaged)

Citadel Airbrush w/ 2 cans of propellant (received used)
Home made Hills
Games workshop cases 2 of them (foam in various condition)
GW Metal Dice tin
Green playing mat (by citadel?)
Bunch of older GW paints, looking to move as a lot I can get a list if interested. Thanks
Heavy Gear
Kickstarter backer patch


Games Workshop

Deathwatch – Kill Team (Not cassius squad)
Deathwatch – Chaplain
Primaris Marines (let me know what you have)
UK White Dwarf Veteran Marine
2004 Army box veteran marine
Marine Stalker/Hunter parts
Crimson fists - Shoulder pads, backpack, bits, doors etc
Grav Weapons
New devestator squad
FW Bits to convert landraiders into a MKIIB LAND RAIDER, and a landraider helios

Tyranid/Genestealer Cult
Plastic Gargoyles
Tyrant guards
Neophyte Sprue
Neophyte Hybrids
Acolyte Iconward

deff dread
ork flyers
Mek Gunz
Ork vehicle bits/weapons for conversions

Astra Militarium
Imperial Knight warden upgrade sprue
Extra bits and heads from scions
Death Korps of Krieg or Solar Auxilia infantry and tanks

Crimson Fists Command Pack
Crimson Fists Tactical Pack
Your pile of Bitz (if you have a bitz box you want to unload for cheap let me know)
Grav Guns
Death Watch Bitz
Genestealer Cult Neophyte Sprue
Sector Imperialis Bases

Terrain and Hobby supplies
Battlefoam cases and foam
Terrain - Games Workshop (old foam or newer plastic stuff)
Terrain - Forgeworld (Let me know what you have)
Terrain - Flames of War (Hedgerows, Rural Roads, premium buildings, tributaries)
Terrain - Gale Force Nine (Let me know what you have)
Paint Brushes, good quality ones (new/like new)
Hobby Clippers
Warhammer visions and new format white dwarfs that you no longer want

GW Specialists Games
Necromunda (Let me know what you have)
Battlefleet gothic fleets
Shadow War Armageddon (mostly after the terrain)

Pan Oceano - Seraphs, Military Order Armored Cavalry
Pan Oceano - Magister Knights
Pan Oceano - Teutonic Knights (Spitfire)
Ariadna - Grunts

Board Games
Star Wars Imperial Assault Expansions
Star Wars X wing wave 3.5 and later (except for most wanted set)
Star Wars Armada Wave 2 and later expansions
Eclipse and expansions
Warhammer Conquest 1 core and planetfall and deathworld cycle expansions
1. I do my best to communicate & ship in a timely matter & expect the same
2. If you or I back out of a trade expect the other to post so in the b/o forum etc, if thats not okay then I am not your man to trade with
3. An offer of "$25" for an item does not include s&h if you are not okay with actual shipping charges from the USPS on top of that then say "$25 incl s&h".. simple enough..
4. Please be polite, leave feedback

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