H: war of the ring 10 mm scale full set painted. Lots of extras. W:$$

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H: war of the ring 10 mm scale full set painted. Lots of extras. W:$$

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LOTR Lord of the Rings BATTLE OF THE FIVE 5 ARMIES Games Workshop Games workshop. Let me know if you want pics.

$920 for everything and I pay shipping. PayPal please.

I won’t split this up.

The original figures are all painted well. This box has wear and damage. The components are in good condition. The Eagles will need to be re-glued to their bases. This set is missing the original GW plastic hills. It was the same as their modular hill terrain at the time. Honestly you could find better.

Additional unpainted Metal items part of the Set include:

Smaug painted red, no detail
Bolg and orc command
Warg leader and warg hornblower
Nazgul on horse
Nazgûl on flying fellbeast
Spiders for 3 units
Bats for 3 units
Hill trolls for 3 units
Storm giant, 3rd party not GW

Elven cavalry, 6 units (2 are command)
Wizard on horse
Wizard infantry
Dwarf command
Bard on horse
Man on horse
Woman on horse

Most of the Metal figures do not have bases

There are an additional 7 units of orcs unpainted.
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