H: GSC ,partial DA vets ,DW,GK OS, AoS Various W: Fallout:WW, Titanicus ,aeronautica imperialis ground assets ,IK&CK

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H: GSC ,partial DA vets ,DW,GK OS, AoS Various W: Fallout:WW, Titanicus ,aeronautica imperialis ground assets ,IK&CK

Post by hersoldier » Thu Jun 10, 2021 5:58 pm

2 Ridgerunners NOS/NIS ( 2 PENDING)
3 Jackal boxes NIS (1 PENDING)
1 Jackal prime NIS
1 Female magus NOS
1 Brood Coven NOS
2 Abominants NOS
2 Aberrants SQUADS NOS
2 Hybrids SQUADS NOS
1 noephytes NOS
1 Iconward NOS

1 Bonetithe nexus nib
1 Necropolis stalker nib
1 morghasts nib
1 box of nos Skeleton warriors

1 Neave Blacktalon nos
1 Melusai nib
1 Tree lord nib
1 Splintered fang box nib
1 Unmade box nib
1 Irom Golems NoS
1 Cypher lords missing 1 figure otherwise NoS

1 The Druid was right! animal companions box set nib from Dungeons and lasers kickstarter 1

20 deathwatch NoS Basically legs ,bodies and helmeted heads. There are some weapons ,and various chapter shoulder pads (NO DW pads)
Will value at half price for trade $72.00

30 Greyknights ( strike squad) MISSING Back packs , shoulder pads ,and the single handed weapons ( halbard , sword and falchions along with with some of the stormbolter hands ) and some other pieces . Should be enough to make 30 complete bodies , minus the above stuff. There are also 30 of the warp/jump packs that come with the boxsets.

25 on sprue dark angel veterans. Some bits are missing ( most notably hooded heads and terminator weapons) still have about 10 of the hooded heads and more than enough to make 25 complete models from the sprues.


Fallout : Wasteland Warfare Got a whole bunch of stuff from an awesome trade and was looking for : Institute stuff, Enclave , Vault Dwellers , Settlement workbenches, Brotherhood ... most stuff really! Also open to the 3D printed fallout stuff from the site. DO NOT NEED ANYMORE STARTER SETS

3D printed 2nd dynasty Chimera ship/s with interiors ,to be printed to 32mm scale ( must be a good print) Pathfinder, Chimera Plus print ,Corvette, VTOL. I have seen them for sale , but was hoping to trade for 1 or more before breaking down and buying them !

EPIC : Marines ( MARINES PENDING, STILL LOOKING FOR BIKES AND INFANTRY) ,Tau, Guard , Admech, others. I am looking for infantry ,vehicles ( tanks ,bikes , etc,,,) . I am not looking for titans or knights and such. I would prefer to trade for these as I can buy them on ebay and other sites. That being said , send me a list and asking price and maybe we can work out a deal.

2 Grey Knight terminator box sets
1 Contemptor dread ( only need one)
2 Custodian Guard boxes ( PENDING)
2 Allarus Terminators boxes
2 Vertus Praetors boxes

KNIGHTS/LARGE ROBOTS ( I need these NOS. Not looking for painted or assembled)
Imperial knights
Canis Rex
Chaos Knights

Armiger warglaives ( 2 or 3 boxes )

Serberys Nib/nos
Pteraxii Nib/nos

Adeptus Titanicus ?
Only looking for the current range
Questoris Knights ( a lot !)
Terrain( spires in particular , but any)
other knights big and small ( Current only )
aeronautica Imperialis ground assets
1) I can only trade in the states
2) offers are good for 24 hours
3) Please leave feed back.
4)) Lower rating or bad refs. ships/pays first, even if it's me.
5) paypal for buying/selling

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