Need: Sylvaneth Have: PayPal (USA)

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Need: Sylvaneth Have: PayPal (USA)

Post by nickthewise1 » Thu Jun 13, 2019 5:22 am

Well I guess I don't need Sylvaneth, but I would like an army.

Please PM me with what you have and you asking price. Looking forward to seeing what you have.

Please remind me if I owe you a reference, I lose track!

jmrhode1 ( 2 )
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Re: Need: Sylvaneth Have: PayPal (USA)

Post by jmrhode1 » Fri Jun 21, 2019 3:31 am

Looking to sell decent sized Kharadron Overlord Army. My main army is Sylvaneth and I am also moving into 40K. Therefore I am not getting as much time as I would like with KO. Looking to sell as an entire lot but would take offers on individual items if necessary just PM me to discuss. Retail value is over $1,400 new.

Included in this Lot:

Age of Sigmar Core Rulebook

Kharadron Overlords Battletome

Battlefoam for ships and one large troop tray

Brokk Grungsson - Assembled and Primed

Arkanaut Admiral - Assembled and Primed

Endrinmaster - Assembled

Aether Khemist x2 - Both assembled one primed

Aetheric Navigator x2 - Both assembled one primed

BATTLEFORGE BOX (NIB) Has 1 Frigate, 1 Gunhauler, 10 Arkanauts, 3 Endrinriggers, and one Admiral included (Everything in this box is new on sprue)

Grundstock Thunderers Unit (5 models) x2 - Both units assembled, one is base coated dark green with airbrush

Arkanaut Company Unit (10 models) x3 - All three units are assembled one is fully painted (picture attached)

Skyrigger/Endrinriggers Unit (3 models) x3 - All three assembled, One base coated green with airbrush

Arkanaut Frigate - Sub Assembled

Arkanaut Ironclad - Sub Assembled

Grundstock Gunhauler x3 - One is NIB (plastic still on), One is sub assembled, and one is on sprue

Dwarf Gyrocopter - Assembled

Dwarf Gyrobomber - Assembled

Duradin Irondrakes Unit (10 models) - Assembled

Duradin Ironbreakers Unit (10 models) - On sprue

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