H: SM, DG, Malifaux, Aelves, Codexes, more W: $$, AOS Armies

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H: SM, DG, Malifaux, Aelves, Codexes, more W: $$, AOS Armies

Post by warlord123 » Tue Apr 16, 2019 12:00 am

Spring cleaning! Need to get some stuff out the door. I have the following (mostly all is unpainted and some assembled/some NIB):

40k/Killteam Codexes (Excellent Condition)
-Imperial Knights
-Death Guard
-Chaos Daemons
-Space Marines (Used)
-Thousand Sons
-8th Edition 40k Hardback
-Index Imperium 1
-Killteam Rulebook

Death Guard:
Dark Imperium Box so:
-20 Poxwalkers
-10 Plague Marines
-Noxious Blightbringer
-Nurgle Lord in termi armor
-Plaguecaster guy
-Bloat Drone

Space Marines: (All unpainted and in good condition)
Primaris Heroes (Starter Set)
3 Inceptors
2 Rhinos
10 Intercessors (primed back with 2 painted)
5 Hellblasters
3 Razorbacks with assault cannons
5 Devastators
Jump Captain with T Hammer/SS
Jump Lieutenant with Thunder Hammer
15 Tactical Marines
5 Sternguard (w/flamers)
Ven Dread w/ Forgeworld Twin Autocannon
Ironclad Dread
20 Scouts (15 Bolter, 5 B Pistol + CC)
Librarian w/ Jump Pack
3 Attack Bikes w/ MM
Plenty of Space Marine Bits, transfers, salamanders forge world stuff that I will include if army taken as a lot
5 Vanguard- mostly with thunder hammers and SS

Old Necrons:
I have a box of old Necrons in very used or broken condition. I would likely sell the whole lot quite cheap. No doubt with a little work and kit bashing they could be functional again.

-10 Guardians
-3-5 Dire Avengers

-About 25 painted dwarf warriors

High Elves:
Mounted Prince w/ Halberd (Plastic)
Frostheart Phoenix (detached from base)- base is still included
5 Ellyrion Reavers (Plastic)
Metal High Elf Lord (on foot) w/sword and shield
Teclis on foot
5 Silver helms (various states of condition)

Dark Elves:
20 Plastic Spearmen
9 old metal cold one riders (rare)


7 Metal Fell bats (4 still in blister pack)

Core Set
Ironjawz Expansion
Sepulchral Guard Expansion NIB

Malifaux (all NIB)-
-The M&SU (Ramos Starter Set)-Unassembled models
-Amina Naidu NIB
-Large Arachnids NIB
-2 Arachnid Swarms Box NIB
-1 Arachnid Swarms Box NIB
-1 Mobile Toolkit NIB
-1 Electric Creation NIB
-1 Johan NIB
-1 The Scorpius NIB
-1 Essence of Power NIB

-2 tie defenders
-1 Millenium Falcon (YT-1300)
-2 Tie Fighters
-1 Tie Punisher
-2 Tie Bombers
-3 First Order Tie Fighter
-3 A-Wing
-2 B-Wing
-1 Tie Interceptor
-1 Lambda Shuttle
-4 X-Wing (at least 1 is the XC-70)
-1 Tie Phanton
-1 Tie Advanced Prototype
-1 Firespray
-1 HWK-290
-1 E-Wing
-1 YT-2400
-1 Starviper
-1 Jumpmaster 5000
-1 G-1A Starfighter
-I have all of the dials, tokens, markers, etc. I also have tons and tons of cards.

*Hoping for sales but trades are cool as well (see below). I am only looking for unpainted models at this time (assembled is fine). Paypal is great and I will split but please no small groups (PM with an offer tho).

I will consider any AOS army as I am just getting into it.

However, I am looking for:

Blades of Khorne:
-Bloodthirsters (all of the three)
-15-20 Bloodletters
-Mighty Lord of Khorne on Juggernaught
-Aspiring DB
-Exalted DB w/ Spear
-Maybe more Skullreapers

-I would be happy to trade lot for lot here. Looking to get into this faction and I have none currently. Smaller trades are fine as well.

Slaves To Darkness:
-Manticore Chaos Lord
-Chaos Warshrine

I am motivated to clear some stuff out so may trade/sell in your favor.Thanks for reading! PM me with offers!

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