H: Dark Millennium Playing Cards W: 40k/Necro/Titanicus/AOS

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H: Dark Millennium Playing Cards W: 40k/Necro/Titanicus/AOS

Post by fireangel » Sat Mar 16, 2019 5:26 am


2 Unopened boxes of OOP Rare Dark Millennium Playing Cards (pictures upon request). These are collector items and highly sought after among the Inq28mm crowd. Will only gain value over time.

Wants (NIB/On Sprue fair trades only, US/Canada shipping is shared I pay mine you pay yours, Overseas considered if trader pays shipping both ways):

- Rogue Trader Kill Team Human/Imperium Sprue
- Kill Team Mechanicus Mini Sprues
- Kill Team Genestealer Cultists Mini Sprues
- Ambots
- Ambul Sprue
- Necromunda Delaque
- Necromunda Cawdor
- Resin Necromunda from Forge World (All except Sump Croc)
- Forge World Mechanicus and Robots
- Genestealer Cult Jakal Alphus
- Genestealer Cult Jakals
- Genestealer Cult Ridge Runner (? The new vehicle)
- Genestealer Cult Female Magos
- Inquisitor Grey Fax Sprue
- Mechanicus Rust Stalkers
- Mechanicus Iron Strider
- Mechanicus Kastalen Robots (robots only)
- Female Black Library Commissar
- Slaanesh New Models Fiends and Herald
- Titanicus Warhounds
- Titanicus Weapon Sprues both Reaver and Warhound
- Knights Armigar
- Yvraine, Emissary of Ynnead Sprue with her cat

PM for trades. I

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