H:Slaves to Darkness, Shadespire, KillTeam, BB W: SCE, Death

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H:Slaves to Darkness, Shadespire, KillTeam, BB W: SCE, Death

Post by NJtrader » Wed Mar 13, 2019 2:00 pm

Have some stuff I am looking to trade off.

15 metal marauder horsemen - assembled and primed
Metal Chariot - assembled and primed

Kill Team:
Gellerpox Infected
Star Striders
Both are assembled and primed; the gellerpox have some paint work

Blood Bowl:
Human Team + Starter Box, pitch and dice
Spike issues 1 and 2

Original starter set; SCE warband is painted well; Khorne is NoS
Painted Orruk warband; well painted

I really need the boxed games gone, they're absorbing too much space and will go to ebay if not traded off.


Evocators on Dracolines
Lord Exorcist

Dire Wolves - prefer older edition models with metal heads, if not, newer plastics will suffice
Vampire Lord with Wings
Spirit Hosts
Mannfredd, Mortarch of Night
Morghast of any type

Terms of trade/sale:

I ship first if my rating is lower. You ship first if my rating is higher. Non-negotiable.

I expect payment to be made, in full, with shipping, at the time upon which we settle terms of sale. I will not ship items that are not paid for. I can only assume that you would expect me to pay for items I want without shipping them. Therefore, do not ask; I will not ship items without payment in full.

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Re: H:Slaves to Darkness, Shadespire, KillTeam, BB W: SCE, Death

Post by Xreaperxx » Fri Mar 15, 2019 4:53 am

I have an entire death army for sale if your looking for wolves an montarchs I have one of each unpainted

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