H: misc LotR, oop Eomer, $$ W: misc LotR, $$

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H: misc LotR, oop Eomer, $$ W: misc LotR, $$

Post by brimmstorm » Mon Feb 11, 2019 1:54 pm


I am looking to trade the following....

8 Hobbit Sheriffs(bare metal)
36 Morannon Orcs
12 Rider of Rohan
12 Warriors of Rohan
Pelennor Fields Theoden
All these models are assembled but bare plastic.

I also have this Eomer model that seems to be pretty rare. I would sell him for 70$, or trade him for 100$ worth of stuff.

I’m looking for....

Regular Orcs
Warg Riders
Stuff playable in an Angmar list
Plastic Mordor Trolls
Plastic Eagles
Galadhrim Warriors
Galadhrim Knights
Rivendale Elves w/bows, spears
Rivendale Knights

I would prefer unpainted models.
Also a trade in the USA is preferable.

Thanks for looking!
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