H: Seraphon W: Skorne, Cygnar, Trollbloods, $

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H: Seraphon W: Skorne, Cygnar, Trollbloods, $

Post by Flindo » Fri Nov 09, 2018 12:41 am

Hey guys, I have a rather large Seraphon army I am looking about parting with, I would either like to sell it or trade it, trades I am looking at in particular are Cygnar, Skorne or Trollbloods but I am open to hear what you got, I have :
all on circle bases*
generals handbook 2018
old blood (base coated)
old blood on carnosaur
saurus sunblood
slann mage priest

bastilidon ( no howdah)
2 stegadons (one of each flavour, both converted
3 sallemanders w/ 3 skink handlers

72 saurus warriors (42 handweapons, 30 spears)
20 saurus guard
5 saurus knights

3 rypperdactyls W/ toad
2 terradons (1 W/ base)

as for cash I am looking for 400$ OBO

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Re: H: Seraphon W: Skorne, Cygnar, Trollbloods, $

Post by RatOnFire » Fri Nov 09, 2018 3:53 am


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