H: Elves+ W:$$, stuff

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H: Elves+ W:$$, stuff

Post by tyraniddude » Wed Jul 11, 2018 6:49 pm

I have:

High elves/aelves
Alith Anar The Shadow King (NIB)
High elf hero with bow (bare metal)
White lions chariot (bare plastic)
Mordhiem Elf Assassin (bare metal)
5x High Elves Sword Masters (bare metal)
High Elf Hero Eltharion (bare metal)
2x High Elves White Lions (partly painted, metal)
2x High Elves Bolt thowers w/crew (bare plastic)
Unit of 5 High Elves Silver Helms (3x primed black, 2 bare plastic)
Unit of 10 High Elves Silver Helms (bare plastic)
Unit of 16 High Elves Warriors w/spears and full command (fully painted, plastic)
Unit of 15 High Elves Warriors w/spears and full command (2x partly paint, 13x bare plastic)
Unit of 16 High Elves Archers w/ full command (1x primed black, 15x bare plastic)
Unit of 16 High Elves Archers w/ full command (2x primed black, 14x bare plastic)

XV88 Broadside Battlesuit
Ork Boyz (no box)
Ork Lootas & Burnas
Adeptus Mechanicus Sicarians
Deathwing Command Squad
Adeptus Astartes Space Wolves Pack
Tau Fire Warrior Strike/Breacher Team (no box)
Blood Angels Tactical Squad
Adeptus Astartes Space Marine Sniper Scouts (no box)
Sylvaneth Dryads

Box Sets
Complete brand new set of Shadespire (no box)
Dreadfleet, complete and assembled w/custom battle foam

I would like
130mm round base x2
Forge World Deredeo Dreadnaught
Forge World xv89 Tau Battlesuit (burst cannons)
Plastic or Forge World Great Unclean One
Death Guard Blight Drone (dark imperium or NOS)
plastic ironjaws megaboss or weirdboy
plastic skaven characters
Lotann, Warden of the Soul Ledgers (Idoneth deepkin)

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