H: Batman minis, Khador, Menoth W: 40k deathwatch AOS

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H: Batman minis, Khador, Menoth W: 40k deathwatch AOS

Post by webhead76 » Wed May 16, 2018 5:56 pm

looking to trade off some extras. heres my haves list:
dark angels
5 x deathwing knights (assembled bare)
5 x dark angels veteran squad (unassembled bare)
1 x dark angels upgrade pack (new on sprue)
3 x ravenwing bikes ( unassembled bare)

Ogre Kingdoms all plastic unless specified:
Mourning fang pack (assembled bare)
Frostlord on Stonehorn (assembled bare)
8 x leadbelchers (assembled bare)
6 x Ogors (assembled primed black)
1 x tyrant with basher and slicer (metal assembled bare)
1 x maneater (ninja metal unassembled)
4 x Iron guts (partial assembled bare)

retail $348 would take $250 for the lot shipped as long as you live in USA.

butcher of Khardov (assembled primed white)
Khador partial starter (lord Kozlov assembled, decimator assembled) only have models missing juggernaut and everything else
Behemoth assembled bare metal
Ruin (assembled bare)
Max Black dragons unit painted table top
minimum man o war shocktroopers assembled metal bare
Max manowar shocktroopers assembled plastic some paint

Menoth battlegroup (latest edition unassembled models)
High Exemplar Kreoss (painted needs TLC)
Sovereign Tristan Durant (unassembled bare)
Heirarch Severius (assembled bare)
Exemplar Cinerators (assembled 3 painted needs TLC and 2 bare)
guardian (metal assembled bare)

Batman minis:(all these minis are old metal versions with old cards)
Batman Akham Knight (assembled bare)
Batman Frank Miller (assembled bare)
Batpod (assembled bare no base)
The Flash (comic version bare metal assembled)
Hawkman (assembled metal bare)
Reverse flash (metal assembled bare)
Deadshot AC version (assembled bare)
Deadshot Comic version (assembled bare)
Lobo (assembled bare)
Firefly (assembled bare)
Hugo Strange and inmates crew (unassembled bare)
Huntress (metal assembled bare)
Commissioner Loeb and Gotham police (unassembled bare)
Scarecrow crew (metal assembled)
Scarecrow militia set 1 (assembled bare)
Scarecrow militia brute (assembled bare)
Scarecrow Militia gatling brute (assembled bare)
Suicide Squad box set (only models no terrain or rulebooks etc..models unassembled bare)

will sell the Batman lot for $250 (retail $510) shipped as long as you live in the US.

horus heresy:
betrayal at Calth box
Burning of Prosperos box
just starting will look at any armies

Thousand sons (any from the new plastic range just starting)

corvus blackstars
10 man kill teams
deathwatch terminators

Adeptus Custodes : Any models newer plastics

Eldar: any models from new range please

just starting army send me your lists

Idoneth Deepkin:
any models just starting

Daughters of Khaine:
any models just starting

new great unclean one
lord of blights
pusgoyle blightlords
beast of nurgle new plastic

Dark Age:
any armies from the newer model range just starting.

Usual rules apply lower rating ships first. Let's make a deal!

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