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H: Huge Ogre Lot W: PayPal

Post by ChopsLada_72 » Tue Mar 13, 2018 3:12 pm

Hey Everyone!
I got a huge Ogre Army that my buddy is looking to off load. There are a few things you should know before you look at the list of items.
• This is a project army. What I mean by that is that while most of it is put together and primed, there are some arms missing or half-finished models, a few broken weapons and they are on square bases. If you don’t mind putting a little work in for a great price then keep reading!
• I am selling this as a lot, NO parting out.
• I will pay for shipping anywhere inside the continental US. If you are outside of the US and want to pay the shipping then we can work something out.

If all that sounds good to you then here is the list of models:

Built – B
Unbuilt – U
Finecast – F
Metal – M
Plastic – P


FireBelly ( F, B)

Tyrant w/ 2 Handed Weapon (M, B) - Primed

Butcher w/ HW (M, B) - Primed

Slaugther Master w/ HW (M, B) - Primed and some paint

Tyrant w/ 2 HW (M, B) – Primed and some paint

Hunter (M, B) – Primed and some paint

2 Sabertusks (M, U)

Slaughter Master (M, B) – Primed and some paint

Bragg (FC, B) – Missing the hook to his weapon


32 Ironguts (P, B) – Varies states of primer and paint, groups are painted alike to show them as a unit. There are enough built to make 4 command units and 5 of them have greenstuff modification to be draped in dwarven items there is also a full command for this unit.
12 Lead Belchers (P, B) – 8 are primed and 4 are fully painted.

25 Bulls (P, B) - All primed and 14 of them have ironfists and are fully painted. 4 commands

24 Gnoblars (P,B) – Primed


6 Maneaters –
1 Paymaster (M, B)
3 Ninjas (2M 1 FC, B) M is primed
1 Empire (FC, B)
1 Pirate (FC, B)

2 Mournfang Cavalry – (P, B)


Giant (P,B)

2 Gorgers (M, B) 1 is missing his left arm, the other is fully basecoated.

3 Scraplaunchers (M, U) All the parts are there, just in varies states of built.

Thundertusk (P, B)

Stonehorn (P, U)

Skycannon (P, U) I think some of the parts might be missing, but not sure. Most of it is built

There is also a classic metal ogre and a bunch of the spell lore cards from different books and the 8 main lores that I am not figuring into the price but they are part of the deal.

For any of the models that arms or weapons are missing or broken or command is wanted, there are 3 full ziplock bags of all the extra bits from the units.

The MSRP for all of this is ~1500, but I am asking for $575. PayPal only please. I have taken into consideration that is you want to use this army for AoS you will have to buy new bases and there will be some repair/building needed. Like I said, this is a project army, but it will be a great hobby time for a good price.

Pictures on request and please don’t hesitate to PM me with any questions!!! Thanks!

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