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Post by wsott1970 » Thu Feb 28, 2019 4:43 pm

Otherworld Miniature’s Giant ->

Marauder/Citadel’s Giant ->

Side by Side Size Comparisons of Most Giants (also known as run) ->

I would love to know somebody that has the OWM Giant to get a size comparison with the original Marauder Giant... They look so much alike... I wonder if they are sized the same... and I am thinking that they are...

I stripped my original Marauder Giant to a clean state... and I am thinking about selling it or repainting it... but they are a pain to buy for a second one (and they aren't the coolest to modify)... I do want an OWM Giant to go with it for a second giant (should I chose to repaint).

I do not care for the new plastic look and have been letting mine go...


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