Terrian in build & painting contests and points questions.

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Terrian in build & painting contests and points questions.

Post by kturock » Wed Dec 27, 2017 10:13 pm

I was just looking over the points and see that some terrain is listed for points.
Do we have any guidelines for them?
I just built the terrain for Necromunda. Most is just removing it from sprues; no real building. The rest was 2-3 pieces.

This is and really was the time, to discuss and revise the guidelines for the painting and building contests for next year.

What's allowed? [mostly for terrain]

What the points differences will be. Will it be based on base size or complexity of models? [especially with the new "quick build" models released from GW]

What about rebasing models?

What about conversions? [ from simple to a full model sculpt]

What about building extra parts to magnetize weapons and such? [some extras are the same size as the smaller models]
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