Ordo Fanaticus Gamer Garage Sale - Portland OR - 10/19/19

Anything else.. come on in, and pull up a seat.

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Ordo Fanaticus Gamer Garage Sale - Portland OR - 10/19/19

Post by pretre » Wed Sep 11, 2019 1:25 am

Just a reminder that we have a bit over a month until the next Ordo Fanaticus Gamer Garage Sale:

https://www.ordofanaticus.com/calendar/ ... rage-sale/


Ordo Fanaticus Gamer Garage Sale
@WOW – 717 SE Main ST Portland, OR
Saturday October 19th
Setup – 10AM
Sale Time – 11AM – 3PM
Clean up – 3PM – 4PM
Bring your bits boxes, your excess minis and your board games.
If you are planning on selling, plan on utilizing a 4′ Long x 2.5′ Deep space approximately (if tables don’t fill up, we can spread out some).
If you are selling please bring what you are selling and some cash change so you can make deals. If you are looking to buy, bring some cash!
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