OFCC 2019 - 8/16 - 8/18

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OFCC 2019 - 8/16 - 8/18

Post by pretre » Wed Aug 14, 2019 4:36 pm


Mindtaker Miniatures is a proud sponsor of OFCC and will be at it all three days. If you're in the Portland/Vancouver area, stop by and see us at our stand.

Are you a huge fan of Warhammer 40K? Blood Bowl? Infinity? Age of Sigmar? 9th Age? Board games? If so, you sound like the perfect gamer to attend the OFCC!

The annual OFCC (Ordo Fanaticus Club Challenge) is the Pacific Northwest's premier miniature wargaming experience. Clubs from around North America converge on the Portland, Oregon area for days of engaging and fun games.

OFCC is not your traditional tournament, it's an event built to honor sportsmanship, hobbying, competition and fun! It is an event for game clubs and individuals to come together and remember what makes gaming great: well-fought close games shared with friends and laughter. At the OFCC, you can expect to find beautifully painted armies, plentiful and gorgeous terrain, and hundreds of other gamers looking to have fun, show off their armies, and enjoy playing the games we love.

For over a decade, OFCC has gathered game clubs and individuals from around the U.S. and Canada for a weekend celebration of miniature gaming.

Our events:
-40K Team Challenge invitational, two day team tournament
-Ordo Bowl III: All Araby Derby, two day Blood Bowl tournament
​-Infinity ITS, two day tournament
-Age of Sigmar, two day ITC tournament
-9th Age, two day tournament
-Warhammer Underworlds, one day tournament
-Ordo Boardo, one day board gaming tournament
-Over eight Friday events!

Prizes and awards for sportsmanship, club spirit, painting, and much more!

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