Is stripping worth it?

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Re: Is stripping worth it?

Post by Condottiero Magno » Wed Jul 10, 2019 11:54 pm

I've got 7 unarmoured horses ready...

These had minimal to no paint on 'em and it was simply a case of separating the parts: the yellow tube UHU super glue used in the 90s had become brittle. Other than not being on a sprue and one with a tail with a knob part broken, but easily reparable with polystyrene cement, these would count as "Like New", so will be listing at $3.00 - IIRC, the unarmored horses tend to be in demand more than the armoured ones.

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The others in Simple Green are another issue...

I use a Dremel 4000 and a cheap toothbrush as backup, the former came in handy on a job lot of 30+ late 90s multi-part Chaos Warriors. Since acrylic paint is derived from plastic, the coating can bond with plastic figures, resulting in a stain, but no loss in detail. Learnt this the hard way after spending 30+ minutes trying to strip the coating off the aforementioned Chaos Warriors - thought the paint was enamel or oil based. :-x

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