Could be a recast?

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Re: Could be a recast?

Post by IamJacksUsername » Wed Feb 17, 2016 4:43 am

Definitely a recast. You can tell by the flashing (the thin material between pieces). FW will have it occasionally but not that bad. Also, the tabs at the bottom are usually single pieces with sharp corners and smooth sides. All the irregularities on yours is the sure sign of a recast. The resin color is not always a dead give away. I have legit FW pieces (that sadly STILL do not have paint on them) and have yellowed over time.
I have inadvertantly picked up a few recasts. Thankfully they were just part of a lot and not the item I needed/wanted. Save it to make a great scenic base for a knight, a titan or other suitably large piece.

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Re: Could be a recast?

Post by TexasPI007 » Wed May 31, 2017 2:09 pm

Sorry for thread necromancy but GW has used different types and colors of resin. I have bought a lot from them over the years and some of the stuff was absolute crap. I have also received mixed resin parts in the same kit.
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