Trades down?

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Re: Trades down?

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Looks like the OP is right. Most listings on this site are for NoS new models and people want money. Not much trading going on on the site. Maybe we should add a 'retro' page? That way people looking for older sculpts would have an option besides NoS.
Bradgar ( 8 )
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Re: Trades down?

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I know this is a bit of thread necromancy, feel free to delete.

Any comments on starting a page for trade instead of paypal? Seems like most of the listings involve money instead of trades. Seems like many sites allow for buying stuff, but Bartertown is one of the rare places we can /trade/ our extra bits for another person's extra bits.
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Re: Trades down?

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Sorry. Been on unexpected extended hiatus.
There are no plans to ever split trading and buying into separate pages, threads, etc. There's too much cross posting, etc. that would happen. Not to mention that "policing" them would be doubly hard.
Also, one thing that's been drilled into us in the past by our members is that, by and large, our members DO NOT WANT an excessive number of forums. They want things as streamlined as possible. Our forums being set up the way they are not actually took years and years of tweaking to find the best balance. I mean, probably 10 to 12 years of reorganization, reinventing, etc... then even more years of tweaking things until we got to where they are.

Unfortunately, that does mean the multitude of "selling" ads on here kind of overwhelm the "trading" ads. In my experience, that's one of the negative influences that the internet at large has had on BTown... so many people get used to selling elsewhere that it's just seen as THE way it's done. trading has become a bit out of fashion.
I remember the first time I posted an ad that I was looking to SELL something and BUY something here (back when I was a member - easily 20+ years ago!)... it was such a new phenomenon that some people didn't even know if it was ALLOWED! LOL Now, trading is the rarity, unfortunately.

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Re: Trades down?

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I've had some poor trading sessions of late so I have moved away from that side. People seem to be real flaky and demanding. It has been easier to sell and pop out.
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