Flames of War Pricing Help

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Flames of War Pricing Help

Post by lrj613 » Fri Jul 27, 2018 6:17 pm

Hi Everyone,
Not sure if this is the correct place to post this but I figured this would be the safest place too. So a few years back I made the gamble that Flames of War would of blown up at my local gaming store so I had purchased one army and begun assembling an American paratrooper army and sadly no one plays it now so I am looking to sell these now. However I have been far removed from the game to know any kind of pricing and I was wondering if anyone help me price the units. Here’s what I have:

American: most are primed in either grey or a army green
2 Airborne Rifle Platoons
4 Sherman Fireflies
5 Normal Shermans
1 Airborne Machine Gun Platoon
1 Airborne Mortar Platoon

German: Stugs are painted and one infantry platoon is, everything else is either primed or not primed
2 Jagdpanthers
2 fallschrimjager infantry platoon
4 Pak 40 anti tank guns
2 Geb 36 guns
5 Stugs
1 Fallschimpioneer platoon with flamethrowers
1 Fallschumjager machinegun platoon
3 fallschumjager panzerscrherk teams
Special character kotch and 4 panzerfaust teams
Various smg teams, observers and command.

Many Thanks,

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Re: Flames of War Pricing Help

Post by WarEmblem » Mon Jul 30, 2018 1:11 am

Do you actually want to sell them or are you trying to get back what you spent? There is a big difference. You can go to the historical minis section and you'll see the same guys posting their stuff every few weeks that no one is going to buy from them because they want ridiculous prices then act shocked when someone isn't going to offer them their close to retail asking price. So, if you want to sell them I'd price tanks at $3-5 a piece. $3 for gun sections. $10-12 for an infantry groups. Virtually every online retailer offers free shipping, I assume you don't want to, so you have to include that in your cost. For example, I can get 5 new tanks off a place like the War Store for $30 with free shipping. Why would I ever pay $9 a tank plus shipping here? (the price you see a lot of people asking, note asking not actually selling). You also have the issue of dealing with overload of the minis you have - Flames of War has passed its peak and the two forces you have, FJ and US Airborne are very common. So, if I were pricing your Americans to sell I would list:

2 Infantry platoons - $15
Sherman Fireflys - $5 each
Shermans - $4 each
Airborne Heavy Weapons platoon (MG and Mortars) - $10

Total $65 for a group of minis you'll never use. I'd consider that a good deal and put that $65 into something else I wanted. Or you can ask for $120 have it sit there forever.
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lrj613 ( 16 )
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Re: Flames of War Pricing Help

Post by lrj613 » Mon Jul 30, 2018 6:22 am

Oh jeez, I didn't realize they were that cheap :/. I was trying to sell them but my view on what I can get for them has changed. Thank you for your help though!

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