Question re: FW Dark Eldar shapes for Battlefoam trays

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Question re: FW Dark Eldar shapes for Battlefoam trays

Post by MagickalMemories » Fri Apr 13, 2018 7:05 pm

I know some people are not fans of Battlefoam and/or the owner.
If that is you, and you'd like to say something negative... THIS IS NOT THE PLACE FOR YOU OR IT.

Keep the discussion ON TRACK, please.

So, here's my issue.
I have the Forgeworld Dark Eldar/Drukhari Tantalus and Reaper.


Both are very nicely painted, and I'd like to use them more, but I don't have trays for them.

I am going to be creating trays for these in the BF Tray Creator. BF has a shape for the Tantalus, but not the Reaper.
I can make a trace, etc., for the Reaper and send it in. That is not an issue. Before I do, though, I'm wondering if anyone here has already done this, and might have a shape available that I could use, or a previous order I could reference.

I'm much rather reuse a shape that's been shown successful in the past than risk using mine and having it end up screwed up, somehow.

Thanks in advance.

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