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Castles Online Strategy Roleplaying Game

Post by Timofeo » Wed Jul 27, 2011 5:20 am

I would like to start out stating that I do not believe this goes against board policy of Spam, since its not unrelated to gaming and it has no cost I am just posting this because the games played by pretty much all warhammer/warmachine players and Our kind of gamer like this kind of game. (the game is free and is merely ran on a Free Forum)


The game is a Strategy game where Kingdoms fight to take control Of Ancile. Now the most interesting part of the game is that players design their own kingdom (write the story, create the units with a unit designer rule set) so its great for those who are creative or always wanted to play a race in warhammer that had no book or has no book. The game of course isnt like warhammer in that its closer to Axis and Allies and Risk as it is a territory grab game, Every territory is worth RP and RP buys troops, boats, special units, boats ect. Your Kingdom also gets to design 1 Special Character or as we call them 1 Hero which can be as strong as a Unit and have special actions like your special units. I have mentioned special units twice now and well I think I better explain what they are. Basically there is 6 Special units the first a Scout (which can steal from kingdoms and spy on there territories giving you exact troop counts, they also have lots of cool missions they can do like Assassination and Hinder Building) Mages are your spellcasters they can choose when you build your Mage Tower what lore to use from the following Fire, Water, Wind, Earth, and Death each lore has specific advantages and disadvantages but they give players even more choices that make their kingdom unique. The next thing are priests which can follow a different religion (there is several created ones but you can make your own too) His Religion allows him to cast prayers through Faith Points. Siege weapons which barrage the enemy before a fight, and flyers which can be used to fly across territories giving you the ability to attack the ungaurded.

All in All its a fun game that takes about 30 min to 1 Hour of actual involvement a week to post orders and talk to allies, if you want to join just register dont worry about reading the rules just yet they are lengthy but I can help you with the required knowledge, I am voltek on the site pm me for help if you need it. after you register go to kingdom registration and register as a Kingdom or Hero, if you want to play.

Thanks for reading and enjoy Castles, (or not if you think its lame lol )

Below is the map of the location we will be this time around.


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