Pathfinder 1e character concept. Basics here. Ideas welcome

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Pathfinder 1e character concept. Basics here. Ideas welcome

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So, there's a group that I know the DM of. He's restarting his PF 1e campaign in August, and I'm going to be playing in it.
At this point, the group is 6th level, but I'm not sure what level I'll be coming in at.


I've never played PF before, but I have D&D 3.5 experience. I know that PF is basically D&D 3.5 on steroids.
Because of my inexperience with the system, I'm amazed at the sheer amount of resources out there to choose from. Esp. Paizo's site for it.
I have access to all or almost all the books. Only a few things are off limits (not enough worth trying to list).
My goal here is to make a well rounded CHARACTER based on my CHARACTER CONCEPT. While I'm not looking to min/max and game the system by making him as powerful as possible, I don't want to hobble my character just because of the character concept.


In a FB discussion, the group agrees that it could use another healer. Especially one with good long range weapon capabilities.
Game is in Greyhawk.
DM is not the kind to save PCs from their doom. The dice fall however the dice fall, and nobody (even enemies) are safe from it.
TPKs are uncommon, but not unknown.
Looking at the various options available, I've decided on playing an Elf (subrace undecided) Warpriest of Corellon.

Align: N/G (Would prefer True N, but Corellon is C/G)
Sacred Weapon: Longbow
Main weapon focus will be on Longbow and Long Sword, though he’ll still have other weapon skills
Blessings: War & Magic

(Character) is a Relic Hunter. His Holy Mission is to travel in search of lost and stolen holy relics, and return them to their temples. Though his focus is on anything specific to Corellon first, and the churches of his (yet undecided) homeland, as a player I would be open to other role-playing and character development opportunities that saw him seeking relics for the churches of other elven deities.* Possibly even non-elven, if there was a good hook on why it would make sense.
*Deities friendly to Corellon. Lolth, for example, can go **** herself.
This will likely expand to "Elven relics and treasures." They won't all have to be religious, and things like "Boots of Elvenkind" won't count. Just because they were MADE by elves won't make them relics by default. It'll be about significance to the elves.

Skill and Feat focuses would mostly be on ranged combat assistance, research assistance and healing.


So, with that being said, I'm taking suggestions.
What kind of feats and skills seem appropriate?
There's more backstory I'm considering that would actually make him rather amenable to dwarves (coincidentally, there's another Warpriest in the party who's a dwarf), so anything interesting in that vein would be worth hearing about.

At this time, I'm not looking to change classes or races. This is what I want. I'm also not looking at any Prestige Classes.

If you made it this far, thanks for reading. I'm looking forward to seeing what people think.

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