BTR: Oscar Contreras - Portland Oregon

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BTR: Oscar Contreras - Portland Oregon

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We are trying to find additional information on Oscar Contreras located in Portland Oregon.

Between November 16th and November 19th, Mr. Contreras placed a total of 4 orders on our website for Warhammer 40K and Wargames Exclusive miniatures. These orders were shipped, and based on USPS tracking, delivered on November 22nd and 23rd.

On November 23rd, after the final order was delivered, Mr. Contreras reported these charges as unauthorized and issued a credit card charge back.

We have done careful research and confirmed that Mr. Contreras owns the house that the products were shipped to, using Portland public records. We also confirmed that Mr. Contreras previously lived at the billing address they used to submit the order.

In addition to this, on May 1, 2022, Mr. Contreras did this exact same scam, purchasing the items on May 1st, and then reporting the transaction as unauthorized on May 5th, the same day that the products were delivered to his home address.

The total amount stolen by My. Contreras is $1,307.49

We also found that Mr. Contreras placed orders with us back in 2020. These were not reported as unauthorized, but included similar Warhammer 40K products.

While we fully understand credit card fraud is possible in most cases, the facts in this case simply do not add up. Someone using a stolen credit card would not be ordering similar products to the card holder, would not have those products shipped to the card holders home, and the person living at this address would not claim they never received any deliveries. In addition to this, it is highly suspicious that the charges would be disputed the same day the products were delivered. Based on the evidence, we believe this is intentional fraud by Mr. Contreras.

We are also aware that Mr. Contreras has done this to other stores, and according to PayPal, the account he was using in 2021 was banned from the website due to high levels of fraud and a history of charge backs.

If you have any additional information, or if you were also a victim of Mr Contreras, please reach out to us. We have already reported him for mail fraud and we will attempt to dispute the credit card charge backs. Other vendors doing the same will help recover the stolen products.

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