New Tau items at the Cave

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New Tau items at the Cave

Post by WargamersCaveRay » Fri Mar 29, 2013 9:31 pm

Hi everyone! Got some good stuff you this week. No doubt that you've heard the rumors of the new Tau coming. Well much like all of our new releases, they'll be 25% off and a flat $7 shipping anywhere in the continental US. Anywhere else in the world will be the exact shipping price. If we charge too much on our guestimation, the difference will be refunded. You have nothing to lose! I understand that there are other stores coming out of the woodwork now, but deal in confidence with us, almost 650 feedbacks should ease your concerns!

We can accept payments 1 of 2 ways; Paypal or via a phone call with the cc information.
April 13 White Dwarf  $10.00
40k: Tau: Codex: Tau Empire (English) $37.50
40k: Tau: Hammerhead Gunship/sky ray $45.00
40k: Tau: XV8 Crisis Battlesuit Team $48.75
40k: Tau: Pathfinder Team $26.25
40k: Tau: Sun Shark Bomber $48.75
40k: Tau: XV104 Riptide Battlesuit $63.75
40k: Tau: XV88 Broadside Battlesuit $37.50
40k: Tau: Cadre Fireblade $15.00
40k: Tau: XV8 Battlesuit Commander $30.75
40k: Tau: Commander Farsight $37.50
40k: Tau: Darkstrider $14.44
40k: Tau: Longstrike $12.00

We also have White Dwarf 400 this month. These will sell out! I'm told an extra 22 pages for the same price! So if you don't have a subscription, get with me and I'll do my best to get them reserved.

Forgot to list the in stock items. Can be found here:
Might have to refresh the page to see the changes.

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