[H]: DropFleet [W]: Skaven, PayPal (USA)

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[H]: DropFleet [W]: Skaven, PayPal (USA)

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Hey guys!

I have a big dropfleet lot for sale:


$250 shipped inside US for all of it, PM for splits! Let me know if you’d like more images. For international shipping PM me.

Rule book
Extra bases and stands
Custom ground asset unit markers (see images)
Misc spare parts and bits

1x Moscow
1x Berlin
1x Madrid
1x Seattle
1x San Francisco
3x Toulon
3x Lima
3x New Orleans
2x Jakarta
1x Taipei
3x Santiago (converted)

1x Leonoidas
1x hector
2x Bellerophon
1x Ganymede
2x ikarus
1x Theseus
6x Europa
2x pandora
2x calypso
1x andromeda
5x medea

1x Shenlong
1x Chimera
4x Djinn
2x Gargoyle
2x Charybdis
2x Nickar (converted)

1x onyx
1x emerald
4x topaz
3x jade
1x opal
2x voidgate
3x glass (converted)

Thanks for looking!
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