[H] Infinity PanOceania, Combined Army [W] $$$ / Trades

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[H] Infinity PanOceania, Combined Army [W] $$$ / Trades

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Hi, I have a couple lots available for sale or trade (Interested in O-12, Haqqislam, new Bakunin Observancy OR CMON Dark Age miniatures).
Prices in USD. Shipping extra (tracked shipping is roughly $18 from Canada to Canada or US), if you take both lots I'll cover shipping.

PanOceania - $120 for the lot:
• Fusilier (Icestorm) x 3
• Akali Sikh Commando
• Orc (Icestorm Multi)
• Nisse (MSR)
• Swiss Guard (HMG)
• Neoterra Bolt Paramedic
• Kamau HMG
• Fusilier x2 (Kaldstrom)
• Orc (Kaldstrom Multi)
• Varg (Spitfire)
• Locust (Marksman Rifle)
• Nokk (BSG)
• Gunnar Lundstrom
• Liang Kai
• Joan of Arc (N3)
• Fusilier (Forward Observer Exclusive from Paint set)

Combined Army - $80 for the lot:
• Tyrok Hunter (Event Exclusive)
• Noctifer 2-pack NIB (classic)
• Zerat Hacker & MSR (classic)
• Vanguard x 3 NIB (resculpt)
• Raktorak Vulkan NIB (resculpt)
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