H/Star Wars Legion, Ice and Fire Miniatures Game W/PayPal

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H/Star Wars Legion, Ice and Fire Miniatures Game W/PayPal

Post by HeroicNerd » Sat Jan 12, 2019 5:30 pm

Hello, I have some lots for sale. Looking for PayPal, DUST 1947 Premium Models
Not Splitting Lots. Open to offers as well. Thanks

Ice and Fire Miniatures Game:
All Lannister characters plus exclusives and Alt sculpts
All cards, plus special House Lannister Card Sleeves
Some tokens and card terrain
4 Guards units
2 Mountains Men unit
2 Halberd units
2 Knight units
Shipped in the nice art box

$250 shipped in USA
(I know some people are wanting these for Historic Medieval Gaming)
(Also have the STARK Side and could sell as well)

Star Wars Legion Rebels: All painted to good standard
1 Luke
3 Trooper Units
1 Snowspeeder

All cards and tokens

$150 shipped in USA
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