Halo ground command. Very large covie army.

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Halo ground command. Very large covie army.

Post by griffen127 » Mon Apr 16, 2018 2:07 pm

Hello so I have a large painted covie army. And the covie terrian set. I’ll also give the rules, dice and UNSC terrain it’s all painted.
Wraith magnetized
6 elite ghost
6 grunt ghost
4 Hunters
4 jackal marksmen bases
8 jackal shield bases (able to make 4 more)
4 elite ultra bases plus droppod
2 sword commanders (able to make 3rd)
1 gun commander
4 elite overseer grunt bases (able to make 5th)
12 grunt bases (able to make 13th)
4 fuel rod grunts (able to make 5th)
5 plasma shields
6 covenant cargo crates
2 unsc crates
3 unsc walls
6 plasma generators
2 covenant comm towers
4 covenant walls
I’m looking for 375 plus shipping.
If I need to give you references please contact me. I get back logged or forget some times. Also please post me a reference in return. Thanks!!
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