H: X-Wing, Relic Knights, Guildball W: $$$

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H: X-Wing, Relic Knights, Guildball W: $$$

Post by RodneyRocket » Tue Feb 13, 2018 2:13 am


X-Wing(275 Shipped)-

Slave 1
Interceptor (2)
Imperial Aces
Fighter (4 with a fifth having broken wing-broken one not in price)
B-Wing (2 - 1 Custom)
Hwk 290
A-Wing (2 - Custom)
Force Awakens Starter
Most Wanted Starter

Relic Knights-
Black Diamond Starter
Diamond Corps Box
M8-Blitz Auto Tank
Suspect 7 Black Diamond Minions
Amelial Void Unique
Boost Pack
Cordelia Clean Radiant unqiue
Candy & Cola Radiant Relic Knight
Shattered Sword Starter
Sword Sworn Box
Sebastian Cross & Rook Relic Knight
Isabeau Durand Kickstarter Exclusive
Paragons Box

Guild Ball Union($33 shipped):
Original Starter (Gutter, Deciamate, Blackheart, NOS)
Hemlocke (primed pink)


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