USPS claim issue for trades

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USPS claim issue for trades

Post by Gav99 » Mon Feb 22, 2016 9:26 pm

Seems that USPS has a new system for claims, being that you have to provide proof of value (being a sales receipt or other proof of purchase) otherwise they will deny any claim.

I'm currently wrestling with their claims department because of this reason (both my claim and first appeal have been denied) due to an item missing from the shipping box from a trade.

Full story, for relevancy:
Traded a bunch of my IG tanks for cash and a Pegasus Bridge box set + some extra BA troops. When the box arrived it was absolutely plastered in "repackaged by USPS" tape along 3 sides. When I opened the box all that was inside was the extra troops and the odd bit from the Pegasus Bridge box set. Obviously the package was badly damaged enroute and the box set had fallen out.

Put in a claim with USPS showing a photo of the box (damage and label, showing the $300 insurance on it), and proof of value (the manufacturer website). Took 30 days and then shows up as "Denied - insufficient proof of value". I spoke with one of their agents on the phone and was told that this is because "You have to provide proof of purchase, because otherwise how do we know anything was actually inside the box?". Then she goes on to say "You could have insured the box for $1million for a diamond ring and didn't put it in the box, then we're paying you $1million and you didn't even ship it".... But if they're willing to insure it without proof that it's in the box, how is that my problem??? Just seems like greed and false insurance! But anyway, she kept trying to turn me in circles and eventually said there was nothing she could do, as abrasively as possible, to kill the dialogue. Nothing she said made any sense, as even buying something isn't proof there's anything in a box, but was ultimately telling me that I am screwed.

Spoke to 3land and Kturock (at 3land's suggestion) for possible advice. Was told to show the trade transaction from my PMs here as proof that a trade took place of equal value, showing the valuation of what was being traded for what. I posted screenshots to my appeal, and a week later it was also "Denied - insufficient proof of value".

I just got a letter in the mail explaining, once again, the issue. It would seem that trades are worthy to pay them insurance, but unworthy of a claim. So, basically, I'm screwed out of $295 retail worth of items because I don't have a "receipt of purchase".

Here is the exact explanation I am getting in the letter:

"The amount claimed must be supported by acceptable proof of value showing completion of payment. Please provide a copy of the method of payment, such as a dated sales receipt, money order, credit card statement, a copy of the front and back of a cancelled check or proof of completed internet payment transaction.". Word for word, including the lack of the Oxford comma.

So, if you didn't sell/buy something it would seem that USPS insurance won't cover your trade anymore should anything happen, because the only way they value something is by how much it was sold for (within reason). I can only imagine they will pull the same crap with damaged items (as mine was just completely missing from the box) so seems pointless to keep paying USPS extra for something they don't intend to fulfill should your items go missing/get damaged. Seems somewhat criminal that they're taking the money with a smile, regardless of what's being shipped and how it was "paid" for, and then just denying the claim because it doesn't fit in their narrow band of what constitutes "proof" of value.

Figured it best to put this out as a public announcement, so that users aren't surprised when that feeling of safety is pulled out from under them for completely BS reasons. Save your extra insurance money on trades (self-insure, or use another insurance company), or be sure to keep all your receipts when you buy minis as proof of value.

I'd also be happy to hear from anyone who knows how to claim for a trade and have it actually pay out, as with this new system of theirs it would be good-to-know information for this community.
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Re: USPS claim issue for trades

Post by MagickalMemories » Tue Feb 23, 2016 4:54 am

Why not have your seller/trade partner write you out a sales receipt and back date it?
He can list the items, place a value on each, total them, and mark it "paid in full." Even provide an email address and phone number. Any reasonable person should be willing to do that for you.
You could even invest a buck or two in an actual booklet of sales receipts and snail-mail him one to use.

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