bad trader inquiry

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bad trader inquiry

Post by Bet3689 » Fri Feb 27, 2015 6:29 am

I'm not sure if this is the correct place to ask I just wanted clarity if something qualifies as a bad trader report or not...

General idea of scenario
I listed items then he listed items for trade, I did make a mistake and misread his posted available models. So, when I post my offer it had models he didn't actually have, but he did have the upgrade kits for said non-existent models. So, instead of him clarifying, what I was asking for, he claims he thought I was referring to upgrade kits "DA land speeder upgrade kit" by just saying "land speeder" in my offer, and when I ask why he didn't clarify what they were, he tells me it's not his job to correct my mistakes in offering.

I truly feel like I was intentionally cheated out of my models, and was wondering if this merits a bad trader report?

3 "land speeders"
10 ravenwing bikes (2 dark vengeance)
1 command squad
1 sammuel
1 DA codex

3 DA upgrade kits (labelled NOS, but missing bits)
2 dark vengeance bikes
8 space marine bikes
1 command squad
1 sammuel
1 DA codex

He broke the DA upgrade kits in half and labelled the space marine bikes as ravenwing then listed left overs as 3 DA land speeder upgrade kits.
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Re: bad trader inquiry

Post by MagickalMemories » Fri Feb 27, 2015 5:34 pm


This is one of those situations where the fault clearly lies on both sides of the trade. It is your fault that you misread what was there. In trades, you need to be clear, concise and detailed. Full stop.
That full stop, though, goes to him, too. Your offer was for EXACTLY what you listed. You did not say "upgrade kits," so he should have stopped to clarify ("Hey. I listed that my Land Speeders were upgrade kits, but you only called them Land Speeders. Was that intentional?" -or something). It is the responsibility of BOTH PARTIES in a trade to ensure that the terms are clear. He's as much at fault as you for the problem... maybe a little less.

Now the problem I have is in calling SM bikes RWing bikes. RWing bikes have a lot of cool fiddly bits that regular bikes do not.

Did he intentionally mislead you? Maybe... but probably not. A seasoned trader should have known better but, if he's relatively new, it might not have been something he even thought about. He may have just made an assumption and been way off.

My advice to you is to POLITELY PM him. Tell him that you're giving him the benefit of the doubt that he really did think you meant the upgrade sprues but, since you clearly stated that you were trading for Land Speeders, this makes the trade you completed (a) not what you asked for and (b) unacceptable. From there, I'd offer to return his models to him and have him return your models to you. Considering that the majority (even if only 50.5%) of the fault is likely yours, you might even offer to pay him for the return shipping of your stuff, so he's not out any more money.
That way, he's accepting part of the responsibility by being out the initial shipping charge, and you're accepting a larger amount by being out the extra charges.

That is my personal advice.

Lower rating? You ship first.

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