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IF YOUR PMs ARE STAYING IN YOUR SENT BOX - They are not broken. PMs stay in your Sent Box until they are read by the recipient, and then they move to the Out Box. It's kind of like a read-receipt, if they're staying in the Sent Box, you know the other person hasn't seen the message yet. When it does move, you know they've opened the message.

IF YOU'VE FORGOTTEN YOUR PASSWORD / USERNAME - You can retrieve a password reset link HERE, if you know your username and email associated with your account. If you don't have those two pieces of information, go ahead and contact us for help. Please provide what info you do know about your account (username, e-mail, recenr trade history). WE DO NOT NEED TO KNOW YOUR PASSWORD. Don't ever tell anyone your password.

WE ARE A VOLUNTEER STAFF - We all have day jobs and it may take us a day (or longer) to get back to you. We appreciate your patience.

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