Rules For Commentary!

Check here for proposed changes to the website. Stay On Target with your comments!

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Rules For Commentary!

Post by Linrandir » Thu Apr 16, 2009 12:51 am

I'll keep it simple.

Proposed changes to the website will be posted here by Bartertown Staff. Comments will remain open for a period of ONE WEEK, then the topic will be locked. There may be a poll associated with the topic/proposal in question. Any necessary alterations will be made and then the proposal will be acted upon.

Obviously, if it's a totally unworkable idea or public opinion is not in favor, we will reconsider making said change.

STAY ON TARGET with your comments. This is the ONLY forum that I will let BT staff edit or delete posts in part or whole if they wander. If we're talking about Board Styles, and you chime in about something totally irrelevant, expect to have your post nuked.

BE PROACTIVE. If you don't like something, offer an alternative!

BE CONSTRUCTIVE AND POLITE. We're all trying to make Bartertown a better place. Don't be inflammatory.

EDIT: Only Bartertown Staff can start topics in this forum. At least, they can if I didn't mess up setting the permissions. :-) However, everyone - that is, registered users - can reply to a topic and vote.
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