H: Small FW Sons of Horus W:$$

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H: Small FW Sons of Horus W:$$

Postby JRhodes18 » Wed Jan 11, 2017 7:13 pm

Hey Bartertown,
I have a small FW Pre Heresy Sons of Horus "Strike Team" That needs a good home. I will send pictures upon request. All models are painted and based and use real FW pieces. They are not the models from Betrayal at Calth.

Here is the list;

10 Mk 4 Legion Marines with Boltguns Sgt has sword and Bpistol
9 Mk 2 Legion Marines with Boltguns Sgt has sword and Bpistol
5 Cataphractii Terminators (Twin Claws, Autocannon PFist, Chainfist Bolter, LC Bolter , Combi- Melta PFist)
5 Mk3 Heavy Support Marines with Autocannons
1 Games Workshop Rhino
1 Games Workshop Plastic Land Raider

Im looking for 200 plus shipping OBO.


PLEASE Leave a reference.
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