(W) BA, StormRavens, Baal Preds (H) Malifaux, Nomads, PP

Combat in the 41st Millenium.

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(W) BA, StormRavens, Baal Preds (H) Malifaux, Nomads, PP

Postby zombiemood » Wed Jan 11, 2017 6:39 pm

Looking for Blood Angel Items. Mainly looking for trades but will entertain all offers. Attached are some pics I have more upon request since you can only upload 5.

Baal Predators
Storm Ravens (Primary Want)
Possibly other BA Stuff Mainly running Death Company Strike Force

Have: Paypal and
3 Fate decks (1 Sold)
Shifting Tides Book
Malifaux rule book (sold)

Arsenal Box Wave 1
Rasputina Crew (Raputina, Wendigo, Ice Golem, Ice Gamin x3)
Raputina Avatar of Famine (unopened in Box 1st ed)
Mechanical Rider (unopened in box 1st edition)
Blessed of December (1st ed)
Snow Storm (1st ED)
December Acolytes x3 (2nd Edition)

Guild: *Sold*
Perdita crew 2nd edition (Perdita, Francisco, Santiago, Papa Loco, Nino, enslaved nephilim)
Pistolero De Latigo x3 (1st ed)
Guild Austringer x2 (1st ed)
Abuela Ortega (1st ed)
Guild hounds x2 (1st ed)

Seamus crew 2nd edition (Seamus, Copycat Killer, Madamme Sybelle, Rotten Belle x3)
Dead Rider (partially Assembled, 1st ed)
Rogue Necromancy (1st ed)
The Hanged x2 (1st ed)
Dead Doxy x2 (1st ed)

Killjoy (1st ed)
Bishop (1st ed)

Intruders wt/ multi sniper rifle
Iguana TAG w/pilot
Intruder with combi rifle
Carlota Kowalsky, Tomcats Sergeant Major (Combi Rfl + Lt FT) with moriarty bot
Sin-Eater Observants (Multi Sniper Rfl
Wild Cats w/ combi rifles x4
Reverend Moira
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