H: Harlequins W: 1k Sons, Chaos $$$

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H: Harlequins W: 1k Sons, Chaos $$$

Post by rahl02 » Sun Oct 18, 2020 3:08 am


Feeling things out on the Eldar

1 Shadowseer
1 Death Jester (missing gun)
1 Troop Squad assembled
1 Troop Squad unassembled
White Dwarf

Eldar Some painted in Il-Kaithe scheme (PM), some painted not by me (NM), some primed white(P) and some bare metal(BM), bare plastic (BP) I have pics available. I'll notate each unit as such. I am willing to split the lot, but they have to be bigger parts. Looking for about $1100 or obo for the whole lot.
1 Farseer (new plastic PM)
1 Farseer (old metal PM)
4 Warlocks (old metal PM)
1 Spiritseer (plastic PM)
1 Fuegan (metal BM)
1 Asuran (metal BM missing banner)
1 Baharrath (metal BM)
1 Mugan Ra (metal based contrast basilcanum grey PM)
1 Eldrad Ulthran (old metal base basilcanum grey contrast coat PM)
1 Karandras (metal BM)
1 Jain Zar (new plastic BP)
1 Avatar (P)
1 Autarch on Jetbike (kit bashed old parts laser lance using old jain zar spear P)

7 Rangers (old metal PM)
9 Dire Avengers w/1 Exarch with sword (old metal PM)
10 Guardians (old plastic with las blaster PM)
7 Guardians (old metal with las blaster PM)
7 Guardians (old plastic with las blasters NM)
4 Guardians 3rd ed weapons crew (old metal PM not finished)
2 Guardians 3rd ed weapons crew (old metal PM green applied with contrast)
3 Weapon platforms (shuriken cannon, scatter laser, bright lance) (old metal P)
1 Weapon platform (star cannon) (2nd ed metal BM)

4 Howling Banshees w/1 exarch w/executioner (new plastic PM started)
5 Howling Banshees w/1 exarch w/ axe executioner (2nd ed metal PM started)
5 Striking Scorpoins w/1 exarch w/ biting blade (2nd ed metal PM green started)
6 Fire Dragons w/1 exarch w/fire pike (2nd ed metal i think PM)
10 Wraith Guard (new plasic PM)
5 Wraith Guard (old metal PM)
5 Wraith Blades (new plasic PM)

Fast Attack
5 Warp Spiders w/w/1 exarch (old metal PM exarch not finished)
8 Swooping Hawks 1 Exarch (old metal PM)
2 Vipers (star cannon) (plastic PM)
2 Vipers (shuriken cannon) (plastic PM)
1 Viper (star cannon) (plastic BP)
1 Viper (shuriken cannon (plastic P(needs a canopy))
6 Shining Spears w/1 exarch (plastic and metal P)
5 Windriders w1 that needs a rider (old plastic BP)

Heavy Support
4 Dark Reapers w/1 exarch (tempest launcher) (new metal PM)
6 Dark Reapers w/1 exarch (shuriken cannon) (old metal PM)
3 War Walkers w/3 scatter lasers and 3 bright lances (old metal P)
1 Fire Prism (old Plastic NM)
1 Falcon (needs 2 canopies, and 1 weapon)(plastic NM)
1 Falcon (scatter laser) (plastic PM)
1 Wraith Lord (missile launcher and star cannon) (new plastic PM)
1 Wraith Lord (no guns attached ghost sword) (new plastic PM not finished)
1 Wraith Lord (2x shuriken cannon) (old metal PM not finished)
1 Wraith Lord (missile launcher and shuriken cannon) (old metal PM not finished)

Hemlock (plastic NM)

Wave Serpent (NIB)

3 Rogue trader eldar models (P)
some sprues and bits.
PA book


Please No Finecast
3 Maulerfiends (lasher)
2 maybe 3 Forgefiends with ectoplasma cannon
2 Hellbrutes (would like 1 dark Vengence) and plastic really don't want the old metal)
1 Terminator Sorcerer or a NIB Terminator Lord KIT
Scarab Terminators
1 Tzaangor Shaman
Magnus the Red (would prefer NIB)
2 to 3 chaos spawn (NIB please)
Chaos Sorcerer (new version)
1 new version NIB or NOS Chaos Marine kit.
CSM bits of all sorts

Also $$$$$

Lower rate ships first, unless your paying $$$, then you pay first.

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