WARHAMMER 40k/ AOS/ Terrain/finecast lots for sale.

Combat in the 41st Millennium, and all GW futuristic specialist games.

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WARHAMMER 40k/ AOS/ Terrain/finecast lots for sale.

Post by nightlord » Mon Apr 15, 2019 11:17 pm


Falcon Grav tank 32.00
Wind riders 27.00
Wraithgaurd 32.00
Wraithlord 30.00

:::Space Marines:::
Centurians 52.00 each
2x drop pods 25.00 each
razorback 27.00
vindicator 35.00
whirlwind 35.00
storm talon 36.00 Pending
2x tacticle marines 27.00 each

2x Hive Tyrant 35.00 each

Destroyer 13.00
canoptek wraiths 30.00
immortals 21.00
triarch praetorians 21.00

:::Ad Mech:::
Rangers 26.00
Rustalkers 30.00
Destroyers 38.00
Tech priest Dominus 13.00

Paladin Squad 33.00

2x tanks bustas 30.00 each
loota / burna's boys 17.00
2x kommando's 30.00 each

:::Space Wolves:::
Canis Wolfborn 32.00
Fenris Wolfpack 16.00
Thunderwolf Calv 35.00
Wulfen 40.00

Space Wolf Rune Priest in termi armour 13.00
(Craftworlds))Eldar Avatar 26.00
Space Marine tech marine with axe 14.00
Drukari (Dark Eldar) Drazhar 13.00
Grey Knights Brother Captain 13.00

:::GW Terrain:::

OOP Basilica Administratum 50.00
oop Manufactrum 50.00

Void shield generator 70.00
haemotrope reactor 26.00
ferratonic furnace 33.00
alchomite stack 33.00

2x AOS Trees 20.00 each

:::Fantasy/ Age of Sigmar:::

Wood elf eternal guard 25.00
Elf Dragon Princes 21.00
Dwarf Iron breakers 32.00
Dark elf doomfire warlocks 21.00

everything here is NEW IN BOX. Additional fees for shipping. I use USPS because they offer free insurance with deliveries.

These prices are firm. this is already deeply discounted.

:::Stuff im looking for in trade:::

Forge world Rapier Laser destroyers and crew x2
Legio Models knight upgrade kits
CUrrent 8th Edition ork codex
current shadowspear figures
imperial knights missile pods and twin auto cannon.
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Re: WARHAMMER 40k/ AOS/ Terrain/finecast lots for sale.

Post by sidstall » Tue Apr 16, 2019 6:29 am


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