Have Games and miniatures, W: 15mm WW 1/ AQOMF

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Have Games and miniatures, W: 15mm WW 1/ AQOMF

Post by Hunterlope » Sun Feb 21, 2021 2:34 pm

Bunny Kingdom



The Builders of Antiquity

Godzilla: Tokyo Clash


Pirate Dice

Warhammer Disk wars base set and both expansions

Star Wars Destiny Rey, Kylo Ren starters and 10 boosters

Bang Dice game (Walking Dead edition)

Dreed Fleet opened and some put together

Conquest of Empire

Golf Mania

Zombie Dice

Both the Risk Star Wars games

Clout many box boosters.

Castle Keep

Desparadoes dice game

Rivet Wars Base game in shrink wrap
Terrain Pack in shrink for the game above


Battle Masters Painted:
11 Knights
20 Halberdiers
1 Cannon

Of Gods and Mortals 25mm: * sheridan guard no weapons, 8 Eygptian archers, 8 Eygptian Axemen, 1 Chariot, 8 Ancient Greeks spearmen, 8 Cretan archers, 8 Greek Undead Hopelites, ! metal Heracles Reaper, 1 Perseus Reaper

Starter Set, Lannister painted, Mountain Men, The Mountain, Jammie, Sworn Swords one unit, Halberdiers, Stark painted, Umber Berserkers, Sworn Swords, Outriders, Rob Stark and wolf

King's Pledge
Lannisters from the starters set
Warriors Sons

Bowmen Painted
Tully Sworn Swords
Umber Great Axes

Extra two Battle Mats, Whispering Wood, and Mummer's Ford

I want to sell as a lot, I have a lot invested in this. The Battle mats alone are worth $150 on e-bay. I paid around $30 per box, I will sell for less.

Pay Pal

All Quiet on the Martian Front
Claustrophobia 1643,
Ave Caesar
Army vs, Aliens dice game
Wings of Glory: Tripods & Triplanes

15 mm: World War One miniatures, especially artillery, All Quiet on the Martian Front and miniatures

15mm Fantasy figures. Splintered Light (Egyptian undead). FASA or Demonworld, Battle Valor, Copplestone, looking to complete Kings of war armies.

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