H:WinVista W:Win95 games to run on it

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H:WinVista W:Win95 games to run on it

Post by jason1977 » Sat Nov 21, 2020 1:05 am

Ok. So I refound my Quake game for Win95 and I so wanna play it. Issue is, I only have Vista to run it on. When I ALT-ENTER to make it full screen Win 'cannot run in full screen'. Any very tech savy folks here lend me assistance on getting it running?




Vista does not like a Medal of Honor game i installed last night. I think Im gonna 12 gauge the computer.

Found a XP machine buried in a closet. It does not spin up CDs. It too may be 12 gauged.

Having my CoD and MoH computer games working would be a bonus. Getting Quake to run is the top goal. I miss Quake.
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Im sorry but I do not ship outside the US.
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