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[USA-ME] [H] 7th Continent, Pathfinder ACG, King of Tokyo, Dice Masters [W] Xbox One X, Trades, Paypal

Post by Biddlecom » Mon Oct 12, 2020 5:29 pm

Have some board games and dice masters im looking to sell or trade for Xbox One X or other Board Games. Prices are included but shipping is not. Im not 100% sure on prices but I put them in on quick research. Photos are at below link
- The 7th Continent (English second edition) with minis $275 for lot
1. The 7th Continent: What Goes Up, Must Come Down (English edition)
2. The 7th Continent: BGG Promo Cards (English edition)
3. The 7th Continent: Comfort Creatures (English edition)
4. The 7th Continent: Facing the Elements (English edition, second printing)
5. The 7th Continent: Fear the Devourers (English edition, second printing)
6. The 7th Continent: Path of Repentance (English second edition)
7. The 7th Continent: Swamp of Madness (English second edition)
8. The 7th Continent: The Flying Roots (English edition)
9. The 7th Continent: The Forbidden Sanctuary (English second edition)
10. The 7th Continent: The Icy Maze (English second edition)
Dice Masters
I don’t have a price for dice masters but you can make an offer. Photos are at the below link.
- The pictures that you see that are in large binders (9 slot) are sets I was working on.
- I took the photo of the rares and Ultra Rare to show you what was missing from the set.
- With sets I do have all the common and uncommon as far as I know.
- All the other photos of single cards are extra rares and ultra rares beyond what are in my full and partial sets.
- I also took photos of most of the promos I have.
- Cards and dice in baggies are extra stuff I sorted.
- Also have some dice zen bins, sleeves and binders.
1. 2x Full Set UxM With Promos
2. 2x Full Set DnD Battle for Faerun with some promos
3. 2x Full Set Yu-Gi-Oh Series One
4. Avengers Age of Ultron (not full set)
5. War of Light (not full set)
6. Justice League (not full set)
7. Have tons of extra common, uncommon, some starters, rares, ultra rares. AvX playmat.

These are the items I want (I am not selling these)
- Xbox One X - Main want
- Summoner War Expansions (Only the ones shown below)
1. Taliya's Spirit
2. The Mercenary Faction Deck: Rallul - Summoner
3. Piclo's Magic
4. Cloaks: Jexik – Summoner
5. Shadow Elves: Saturos – Summoner
6. Swamp Orcs: Natazga – Summoner
7. Mountain Vargath: Malenatar – Summoner
8. The Filth Second Summoner: Little Meda – Summoner
9. Benders: Shiva – Summoner
10. Deep Dwarves: Brath – Summoner
11. Mercenaries: Farrah Oathbreaker – Summoner
12. Sand Goblins: Scraven - Summoner

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