H: trollbloods, games W: orks kill team, monpoc, xwingstuff,

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H: trollbloods, games W: orks kill team, monpoc, xwingstuff,

Post by redharn » Thu Oct 10, 2019 1:45 am

Hey Btown,
have some stuff i would like to trade out.
US shipping only, pics are available if requested.

I have a smattering of trollbloods available in various states, originally was gonna ve a project but fell to the wayside
Diretroll bomber painted
Pyre troll painted
3 slag trolls, one primed and drybrushes blue
5 pro painted champions, but 1 is missing an arm and a head
1 krielstone bearer model primed
Unit of trollblood welps, some primed,
2 headless trollbloods with shields
1 janissa stonehide unpainted
1 stonescribe elder unpainted

1 borka keg slayer painted
1 calanda unpainted
1 captain gunbjorn, unfinished painting

Board games:
Eldritch horror played once
Game of thrones board game
Dungeons of masmorra
Golen arcana starter


40k orks for kill team or necrons.
Speedfreek game
Xwing<1.0 or 2.0, just need ships, considering everything but first order>
Monpoc sky sentinel or apes
Board games
Switch games.

Thanks! Leo

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