H: X-Wing, AoS, 40k, Terrain, Board Games W: $USD, 40k

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H: X-Wing, AoS, 40k, Terrain, Board Games W: $USD, 40k

Post by demonthresis » Mon Jan 03, 2022 6:25 pm

Looking to clear up some space in the new year. I'm currently looking to keep the X-Wing lots together, NOT parting out ships at the moment. Prices do not include shipping. Primarily looking to sell but am interested in the following:

Primaris Incursors (NoS)
Necron Wraiths (unpainted or NoS)
Necron Scorpekh Destroyers (unpainted or NoS)
Necron Flayed Ones (unpainted or NoS)
Necron Lokhust Heavy Destroyers (unpainted or NoS)
Sisters of Battle Seraphim (NoS)
Sisters of Battle Sacresants (NoS)
Sisters of Battle Repentia (NoS)
Sisters of Battle Penitent Engines / Mortifiers (unpainted or NoS)

For Sale:


Republic: - $220
2x Guardians of the republic squadron pack (2x Delta-7 and 4x V-19 Torrent)
2x Eta-2 Actis
1x Delta-7 Aethersprite
1x ARC-170
1x Nimbus-class V-wing
1x BTL-B Y-wing
1x Naboo Royal N-1 Starfighter
1x LAAT/i Gunship
2x Republic Dial upgrade kits

Resistance: (Includes 2.0 Conversion Kit & Heralds of Hope) - $190
1x Millennium Falcon
1x Resistance Bomber
5x T-70 X-Wing
3x RZ-2 A-Wing
1x Fireball

Games Workshop Minis:

Random Models:
$40 Bloodbowl 3rd Edition Dwarf Team Grudgebearers (Metal, poorly painted)
$25 Warhammer Lammasu (Finecast, painted) - https://imgur.com/7xJg9Ye
$40 Warhammer Dark Elf Pegasus (Metal, no rider, painted) - https://imgur.com/a8eKQw2
$40 Warhammer Dark Elf Manticore (Metal, no rider, painted) - https://imgur.com/1ID2qwV
$15 Warhammer Vampire Counts Corpse Cart (Primed black)
$15 Mordheim Halfling Scout (Metal, painted)
$20 Mordheim Mercenary Wizard (Metal, painted)
$20 Mordheim Pit Fighter with Flail (Metal, painted)
$15 Mordheim Possessed leader (Metal, partially painted)

Age of Sigmar: - $350 for lot, willing to break up
Celestant-Prime (base primed blue, model unprimed)
Lord-Celestant on foot (painted)
Lord-Celestant mounted (bare plastic)
Lord-Relictor (painted)
Lord-Exorcist (bare plastic)
Lord-Castellant with Gryph-Hound (primed gold, hound primed grey)
Sylas Beastbane (NIB)
Knight-Incantor (Primed gold)
Knight-Questor Larissa Shadowstalker (NIB)
21x Liberator (Hammer & Shield, painted)
7x Retributors (5 painted, 2 primed gold)

$30 Sly Marbo (Old metal sculpt, NiB)
$25 Vindicare Assassin (New plastic sculpt, NiB)
$20 each 2x Salamanders Primaris Upgrade Sprue packs (NiB)
$45 Necron Doom Scythe/Night Scythe (NiB)
$30 8th edition Sisters of Battle LE Codex with cards (Sealed)


STC Ryza-Pattern Ruins (NiB) - $30 SOLD
OOP Citadel Wood (NiB) - $50

Board Games:
New (Unopened)
$60 A Few Acres of Snow
$40 Glass Road
$40 Steam Park
$30 Urban Sprawl

Opened New (Unplayed)
$15 Codenames Pictures
$15 Boss Monster

Used (Good Condition)
$60 Archipelago
$30 Tsuro of the Seas
$30 Bora Bora
$30 Puerto Rico
$25 Takenoko
$20 Red Dragon Inn 1
$20 Red Dragon Inn 2
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