Can we do something about people who do not give Trade Refs?

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Re: Can we do something about people who do not give Trade Refs?

Post by gwaddict » Mon Aug 06, 2018 5:36 pm

I have created a folder in my inbox of "waiting for feedback", probably have 7-10 folks in there at the moment. Every once in a while I will shoot off some PMs with a brief, "hey we did such and such trade a while back. If you have a moment to leave feedback that would be awesome". As people have noted above lots of folks just forget so a few reminders usually does the trick. I am also a bit of a jerk :roll: in that with folks with very low ratings I let them know that I am happy to leave a reference once they do. Sometimes folks that have low trade references are "ones and dones" so might never log back after completing a trade. That might also save you from the feeling of abandonment :lol:
1. I do my best to communicate & ship in a timely matter & expect the same
2. If you or I back out of a trade expect the other to post so in the b/o forum etc, if thats not okay then I am not your man to trade with
3. An offer of "$25" for an item does not include s&h if you are not okay with actual shipping charges from the USPS on top of that then say "$25 incl s&h".. simple enough..
4. Please be polite, leave feedback

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