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H: Misc. WM/H, PPMs, some Reaper Bones W: Misc. WM/H, MtG Godzilla cards, Ikokria Collector, PPMs

Post by Nyarlathotep333 » Sat May 23, 2020 12:44 am

Updated with revisions 5/22/20

Hello Bartertown!

Priority wants for me are the MtG Godzilla cards, Iron Kingdoms, and WM/H stuff.
  • Most Importantly: Unless listed otherwise, I am generally NOT interested in old sculpts or metal minis for any given model if a plastic version or newer sculpt of that model is available.
  • I am NOT interested in bulk sales of my prepainted stuff…I’m in no hurry to move them at bulk prices and would prefer to trade them for my other wants instead. I generally base prices for them at around 15% off of low price on abPrices.com – this seems to be about what they sell for on eBay.
  • I am NOT interested in purchasing stuff currently (due to budget), I just can't afford to spend a lot at the moment. I prefer to trade.
  • I won't value painted models at a higher cost...I'm just going to be stripping and repainting them in most cases.
  • The Heavy Box (multi) kits I am interested in do not have to be unopened, but I highly prefer unassembled models with all the parts included – I like to magnetize things.
  • At this time I don't want to ship outside the USA, sorry.
  • Standard BT Rules for shipping (lowest rating ships first). However I may decline a trade or insist you ship first if you don't have any current refs (within the past year or more) since I'm not as comfortable sending first in those circumstances.

Warmachine/Hordes Haves:

NOTE: Many of these do not have MK3 cards. A lot of the models that are not NIB are extras from various collections I’ve picked up so their paint/assembly/condition varies. I will always provide photos and complete descriptions before finalizing a trade for this reason.

For trading Warmahordes stuff I prefer retail to retail (condition depending of course), but I would trade my Warmahordes Haves for MtG Godzilla cards at 50% except for NIB stuff which I’d assign at (65-70%).

Circle Orboros:
Gnarlhorn Satyr (Assembled but needs gluing on base – Metal)

Convergence of Cyriss:
Father Lucant, Divinity Architect (NIB – Metal)

Bane Riders (Box ripped in back but NIB otherwise – Plastic)
Bane Thralls (NIB- Plastic)
Black Ogrun Boarding Party (one figure only) (Unassembled – Metal)
Carrion Thralls (Mostly assembled – Metal with plastic flight stands)
Deathjack (Unassembled in box, one finger broke off but is included and can be reglued pretty easily – Plastic New Sculpt)
Deathrippers (4) & Defilers (2) lot (Some paint, some assembled – Metal)
Erebus upgrade kit (NIB – Metal)
Inflictor/Seether Box (NIB- Plastic)
Kraken/Sepulcher (NIB – Plastic)
Kraken/Sepulcher (Sprues are still in bags, base has some paint on it – Plastic)
MK3 Battlegroup Box x2 (NIB – Plastic)
Nightwretch Box (NIB – Plastic)
Pistol Wraith (NIB, though guns are bent – Metal)
Ripjaw Box x2 (NIB – Plastic)
Seether (Primed black, partially assembled – Metal)
Skarlock Thrall (NIB – Metal)
Slayer (Primed white, unassembled – Metal)

Forces of Cryx: Command book (New condition, minor wear from handling and storage)
Token Set x2
2016 Faction Deck (free with any trade)

Lancer (NIB, has price sticker though – Metal)

Juggernaut (Painted and assembled – Plastic)
Kommander Sorcha (Unassembled – Plastic)
Kovnik Jozef Grigorovich (NIB – Metal)
Marauder (NIB, has price sticker and extra arm included – Metal)
Orsus Zoktavir, The Butcher of Khardov (NIB – Metal)

Legion of Everblight
Thagrosh, Prophet of Everblight (NIB – Resin/Metal)
Lylyth, Herald of Everblight (Variant?) (Assembled – Plastic)
Lylyth, Herald of Everblight (Variant?) (Unassembled – Plastic)
Shredders (2 figures) (New in baggie – Plastic)
Shredders (3 figures) (Assembled – Plastic)

Alexia Ciannor (no Risen included) (Painted, skulls glued to base but mini not glued to skulls – Metal)
Cephalyx Agitator x2 (NIB – Metal)
Exulon Thexus (Partially assembled – Metal/Resin)
Rocinate upgrade kit (NIB – Metal)

Boneswarm (Painted – Metal)
Gatorman Witch Doctor (Assembled – Metal)
Gatormen Posse (Painted with custom swamp bases, but some pieces and bases need re-gluing – Metal)
Kwaak Slickspine & Gub, Croak Sorcerers (NIB – Metal)
Meat Thresher (NIB – Plastic)
Saxon Orrik (Unassembled – Metal)
Swamp Gobber Bellows Crew (Assembled, primed grey – Metal)
Thrullg (Assembled – Metal)
Thrullg (Partially assembled – Metal)

Protectorate of Menoth:
Castigator (Unassembed in box, box is a little beat up but everything’s there – Metal)
Crusader (NIB, has price sticker though – Metal)
Reckoner (Unassembed in box, box is a little beat up but everything’s there – Metal)
Redeemer (Partially assembled – Metal)

Retribution of Scyrah:
Dawnguard Invictors w/ Unit Attachment (NIB- Plastic)
Griffon (NIB – Plastic)
MK3 Battlegroup Box (NIB – Plastic)

Token Set

Cyclops Raider (NIB – Plastic)
Cyclops Savage (NIB – Plastic)
Desert Hydra (NIB)
Praetorian Keltarii/Swordsmen Box (NIB – Plastic)

Borka Kegslayer (Assembled & painted, needs arm re-glued – Metal)
Fell Caller Hero (Assembled – Metal)
Fell Caller Hero (Unassembled, loose – Metal)
Grim Angus (Assembled, some paint – Metal)
Hoarluk Doomshaper, Rage of Dhunia (Partially assembled and primed – Metal)
Hunters Grim (Assembled, may be missing some small accessories bits – Metal)
Janissa Stonetide (Assembled – Metal)
Janissa Stonetide (NIB – Metal)
Kriel Warrior Caber Thrower attachment (NIB – Metal)
Kriel Warriors (2 figures) (NIB, has price sticker though – Metal)
Kriel Warriors w/ 3 Weapon Attachments x2 (NIB – Plastic)
Krielstone Bearer & Stone Scribes (Assembled & painted, some chips in the paint. – Metal)
Krielstone Bearer & Stone Scribes (min unit) (NIB except for stone which is painted somewhat well – Metal)
Madrak Ironhide (Variant?) (Assembled, some primer, and paint on the base – Plastic)
Madrak Ironhide, Thornwood Chieftain (variant) (NIB, has price sticker though – Metal)
Madrak Ironhide, World Ender (Assembled – Metal)
Madrak Ironhide, World Ender (NIB, has price sticker though – Metal)
Mountain King (Partially assembled, all parts included)
Mulg the Ancient (Partially assembled and primed – Metal)
Pyre Troll (NIB – Plastic)
Pyre Troll x2 (Assembled, some paint – Plastic)
Rok Upgrade Kit x2 (NIB – Metal)
Slag Troll (Assembled with some paint – Metal)
Stone Scribe Elder (Assembled & painted, needs touching up – Metal)
Stone Scribe Elder (NIB – Metal)
Storm Troll x2 (Painted and assembled – Plastic)
Thumper/Pummeler Crew Box (NIB – Plastic)
Troll Axer*** (Assembled – Plastic)
Troll Axer*** (Assembled, some paint – Plastic
Troll Axer*** (Unassembled – Plastic)
Troll Axer*** x3 (NIB, some boxes have store stickers on them – Plastic
Troll Bouncer (Assembled – Plastic)
Troll Bouncer (NIB, box has “10” written on it – Plastic)
Troll Bouncer (Unassembled – Plastic)
Troll Impaler*** (Partially Assembled and painted – Plastic)
Troll Impaler*** (Assembled – Plastic)
Troll Impaler*** (Unassembled – Plastic)
Troll Impaler*** x7 (NIB, some boxes have store stickers on them – Plastic)
Trollkin Champions (Some assembled, needs some TLC and I’m not even sure they’re 100% complete – Metal)
Trollkin Fennblades (Assembled & Painted, most need gluing back on bases – Plastic)
Trollkin Runeshapers (NIB – Metal)
Trollkin Runeshapers x3 (Assembled – Plastic)
Trollkin Scattergunners Blister (2 figures) (NIB, has price sticker though – Metal)
Trollkin Scattergunners x2 (NIB – Plastic)
Trollkin Warders x2 (NIB – Plastic)

Forces of Trollbloods: Command book (New condition, minor wear from handling and storage)

Dice Set x2 (NIB – Q-Workshop)

*** I’ll get rid of Impalers and Axers pretty cheap, and can throw in one or two with each trade if desired

Riot Quest
J.A.I.M.S. (NIB – came from Kickstarter so it’s in a plastic blister w/cards – Metal)

MiniCrate, Promos, Patches & Misc.:
MiniCrate: Brew Bearer x2
MiniCrate: Trancer Dancer x3 (only have one card though)
Patch: Lock & Load 2013
Patch: Skorne
Patch: Minions
Patch: Crucible Guard
Pin: Cereal #5: Quakehammer Oats
Pin: Trencher Bodger in Disguise x2
Pin: LEVEL 7 Commando Bodger in Disguise Pin
Pin: Hand of Glory
Pin (round): Hordes Evolution Stampede (Good shape, but obviously not new)
Template Set (Warmachine logo – packaging is a little beat up, but NIB otherwise)
3 Medallions – never played tourneys so I’m not real sure what they are. Pics available on request
Book: Black Dogs (Black River Irregulars I – Iron Kingdoms fiction, New)

Iron Kingdoms:
Dice Set x2 (NIB – Q-Workshop)

Reaper Bones Haves:
77381: Dragons Don't Share - 2014 Edition (New in box)
77380: Khanjira the World Breaker x2 (New in box)
Gauth (Dragon – 10.8 inches tall, from Kickstarter 4 – not yet available on Reaper’s store)

Dungeons & Dragons prepainted minis (DDM) Haves:

Orc Archer
Skeleton x2
Sun Soul Initiate

Graycloak Ranger

Giants of Legend:
Bugbear Footpad
Gnoll Sergeant
Lich Necromancer

Bladebearer Hobgoblin x2
Crow Shaman
Elf Warrior x3
Emerald Claw Soldier

Whirling Steel Monk


Artemis Entreri
Dark Creeper

War Drums:
Arcanix Guard x2
Blood Ghost Berserker
Hobgoblin Archer x4
Horde Zombie x2
Howling Orc x3
Orc Mauler x2
Skeletal Legionnaire
Snig, Worg Rider
Steelheart Archer
Warforged Scout x2

War of the Dragon Queen:
Doom Fist Monk

Blood War:
Dragonmark Heir of Deneith
Gnoll Barbarian

Wild Elf Warsinger x6

Night Below:
Darkmantle x5
Delver Sergeant x3
Greenspawn Zealot
Hobgoblin Marshal x8
Kuo-Toa Hunter
Kalashtar Bodyguard
Kobold Trapmaker x3

Desert of Desolation:
Boneshard Skeleton x3
Farmer x2
Militia Archer x3

Dungeons of Dread:
Bulette x2
Elf Archer x6
Ice Archon x2
Magma Brute
Orc Raider x2
Tiefling Warlock

Against the Giants:
Degenerate Cultist of Orcus x2
Doresain, the Ghoul King
Ochre Jelly x3
Thunderblast Cyclone

Bugbear Warrior

Dangerous Delves:
Gnoll Huntmaster x2
Kruthik Young
Minotaur Battle Shaman x2
Orc Terrorblade x3

Savage Encounters:
Death Knight (Dragonborn Paladin) (NIB)
Greenvise Vine x3
Savage Minotaur
Tiefling Necromancer x2 (NIB)

Lords of Madness:
Kobold Slinger x2
Skeleton x5
Thri-Kreen Mantis Warrior (NIB)

Starter Set (Basic Game):
Harpy x2
Human Fighter
Warrior Skeleton x3
Young Minotaur

Mad Slasher (GMR3) x6 (NIB)

Pathfinder Battles Haves:

Heroes & Monsters:
Lizardfolk Champion x3

Reign of Winter:
Radosek Pavril

Dungeons Deep:
Cruel Conjurer

We Be Goblins:

World of Warcraft Miniatures Haves:
Only interested in trading these as a lot, but I’m happy to let them go for cheap – make an offer!!

*NOTE* These should have all their cards but I would need to double check to make sure. All are loose unless noted. A few may need hot water fixes where the plastic has bent - None should have broken pieces though - I'll double check before finalizing a trade for them. I should still have the instructions and posters that came with the starter, along with 3 Horde and 3 Alliance bases as well. Missing the dice though.

Bogstrok Razorclaw - R
Storm Rager - R
Dagg'um Ty'gor - R
2 Crashing Wave Spirit (1 still sealed) - C
Tempest-Forge Destroyer - C
Ironfur Bear - C

Sha'do - R
Ji'lan - C
Za' zu the Grizzled - C
Mojo Shaper Ojo'mon - C

Haruka Skycaller - R
Najan Spiritbinder - C
Radak Doombringer - C

Blood Elf:
Celenias Firemane - C
Lotherin - C

Irana - C

Parvink - R
Ruby Gemsparkle - C


Ikoria Godzilla cards HIGH PRIORITY!
Unopened Ikoria Collector Booster Boxes and Packs (Super happy to trade for these!)
Angurius, Armored Killer
Biollante, Plant Beast Form
Bio-Quartz Spacegodzilla
Gidorah, King of the Cosmos
Gigan, Cyberclaw Terror
Godzilla, Doom Inevitable
King Caesar, Awoken Titan
Rodan, Titan of Winged Fury
Angurius, Armored Killer FOIL
Babygodzilla, Ruin Reborn FOIL
Biollante, Plant Beast Form FOIL
Bio-Quartz Spacegodzilla FOIL
Destoroyah, Perfect Lifeform FOIL
Dorat, the Perfect Pet FOIL
Gidorah, King of the Cosmos FOIL
King Caesar, Ancient Guardian FOIL
King Caesar, Awoken Titan FOIL
Mothra, Supersonic Queen FOIL
Rodan, Titan of Winged Fury FOIL
Angurius, Armored Killer FOIL (Japanese)
Babygodzilla, Ruin Reborn FOIL (Japanese)
Biollante, Plant Beast Form FOIL (Japanese)
Bio-Quartz Spacegodzilla FOIL (Japanese)
Destoroyah, Perfect Lifeform FOIL (Japanese)
Dorat, the Perfect Pet FOIL (Japanese)
Gidorah, King of the Cosmos FOIL (Japanese)
Gigan, Cyberclaw Terror FOIL (Japanese)
Godzilla, Doom Inevitable FOIL (Japanese)
Godzilla, Primal Champion FOIL (Japanese)
King Caesar, Ancient Guardian FOIL (Japanese)
King Caesar, Awoken Titan FOIL (Japanese)
Mothra, Supersonic Queen FOIL (Japanese)
Rodan, Titan of Winged Fury FOIL (Japanese)
Spacegodzilla, Death Corona FOIL (Japanese)
Mechagodzilla FOIL (Japanese)

I’m only interested in NM/MINT condition cards for these.

I’d also take any Godzilla Secret Lair lands if you decide to part with them when they release.

I’ll generally also take cards over $20 TCG Mid (LP or better condition is OK) and possibly staples for EDH formats, just let me know what you’ve got and we can try to make a deal.

Privateer Press/Warmachine/Hordes WANTS:

Circle Orboros:
Brighid & Caul
Celestial Fulcrum
The Death Wolves
Well of Orboros

Crucible Guard:
Toro/Suppressor/Vindicator Heavy Warjack Kit x2

Agrimony, Crone of the Dying Strand
Axiara Wraithblade
Captain Rengrave
Misery Cage x2
Satyxis Gunslingers
Satyxis Raiders & Sea Witch (new sculpts only)
Scharde Pirates
Severa Blacktide
Skarlock Commander
Slaughter Fleet Raiders Theme Force Box
Wraith Engine

Eilish Garrity, The Dark Seeker
Lord Roget d'Vyros
Master Preceptor Orin Midwinter
Infernals: Army Box

Ammok the Truthbearer
Anamag the Doom Feaster
Blighted Ogrun Theme Force Box
Blighted Rotwings
Chosen of Everblight
Craelix, Fang of Everblight
Gorag Rotteneye
Ice Witches

Alexia, the Undying
Ashlynn d’Elyse, the Queen’s Blade
Croe's Cutthroats
Dannon Blythe and Bull
Eilish Garrity, The Occultist (NOT the NQ version)
Glyn Cormier, Illuminated One
Hermit of Henge Hold
Legion of Lost Souls
Mercenaries Steelhead Halberdiers/Riflemen (Plastic)
Morrowan Battle Priest
Ogrun Assault Corps
Order of Illumination Vigilants
Scallywag x3
Sea Dog Pirates
The Devil's Shadow Mutineers
Thorn Gun Mages

Barnabas, Lord of Blood
Battle Boar x2
Blind Walker / Blackhide Wrastler kit x2 (not interested in the old metal Wrastler – got one already)
Bone Shrine
Farrow Valkyries
Farrow Brigand Warlord
Gatorman Boil Master & Spirit Cauldron
Gatorman Husk x2
Hutchuk, Ogrun Bounty Hunter
Jaga-Jaga, the Death Charmer
Lynus Wesselbaum & Edrea Lloryrr
Sacral Vault
Swamp Gobber River Raiders
Underchief Mire
Void Leeches
War Hog (plastic only)

Ice Troll
Pyg Lookouts
Valka Curseborn, Chieftain of the North
Winter Troll (new sculpt only – I’ve already got the old sculpt)
Glimmer Imp

Warmachine/Hordes MK3 Books:
Forces of Hordes: Circle Orboros Command
Forces of Hordes: Grymkin, The Wicked Harvest

Minicrate and Promos:
Greylord Taskmaster
Grim Stalker
Sabretooth Mawg x3

Riot Quest Minis:
Captain Crawtooth
Doctor Stygius
Flugwug the Filcher & Treasure Chest Expansion
Gubbin (non-promo)
Harlowe Holdemhigh
Master Gurglepox

Iron Kingdoms RPG / IK Games:
Unleashed: Skorne Empire

Iron Kingdoms RPG Minis:
Curator and Infernal Discerning Beast
Daniera Madise - Cleric of Morrow
Father Dumas, the Witchfire Trilogy
Hemrick Groot, Rhulic Second-Story Man
Jhureen Hecatha, Satyxis Raider
Julian Helstrom, the Witchfire Trilogy
King Vinter Raelthorne IV
Knight of the Prophet
Lazar Grigsov, Khadoran Rifleman
Lord Vyros, Iosan Eldritch & Sythyss
Okoru Hargrosh, Ogrun Fighter
Seth Alkot, Monster Hunter
Umbral Sorcerer
Vahn Oberen

Dungeon Master’s Guide
Player’s Handbook
Monster Manual

Reaper Miniatures WANTS:
Acidic Ooze (Bones Black)
Aysa, Necropolis Solo
Belle, Steampunk Heroine
Benedict Baker
Carnivorous Pudding (Bones Black)
Clarissa Banshee,Razig Mage
Darkreach Crystals (Bones Black)
Dr Klaus Koenig
Dr. Ervin Friedman, Mad Scientist
Drowned Nymph Ghost: Banshee
Drowned Spirit
Jackhammer, Supervillain
Klaus Copperthumb, Dwarf Thief
Olav Gunderson, Dwarf Gambler
Professor L.T. Froschmeister, Scientist
Racquel Blackrose, Buccaneer
Sascha Dubois, Time Chaser
Willy Brassbender

Mantic Terrain Crate WANTS:
Dungeon Depths
Dungeon Debris
Dark Lord’s Tower
Battlefield Objectives
Adventurer’s Crate

Misc. Other Miniatures WANTS:
Gnome Long Gunner (Male) - Stonehaven
Janderhoff Wandrifler - Pathfinder Chronicles

Pathfinder Battles WANTS:

Special Releases/Promos:
Bone Priest - Pathfinder Online Kickstarter Promo
Burning Brazier – Promo
Caustic Stalker - Pathfinder Online Kickstarter Promo
Fiendish Dog - Gencon 2017 Promo
Fire Beetle - Gencon 2015 Promo
Goblin Raider - Gencon 2014 Promo
Kobold Devilspeaker - Gencon 2016 Promo
Konkrud - Paizo 2013 Convention Promo
Mudlord - Pathfinder Online Kickstarter Promo
Reta Bridesmaid - Paizo 2013 Goblin Comic Promo
Skeletal Champion - Paizocon 2017 Promo

Iconic Heroes:
Biter, Badger Animal Companion
Crowe, Human Bloodrager
Daji, Animal Companion
Hayato Nakayama, Human
Kolo, Spirit Animal
Leryn, Animal Companion
Lirianne, Half-Elf Gunslinger
Reiko, Human Ninja

Undead Horde:
Mummy Lord

We Be Goblins:

Heroes & Monsters:
Goblin Warrior (Red)
Goblin Hero (Red)

Rise of the Runelords:
Denizen of Leng x4
Goblin Commando
Jaagrath Kreeg
Ogre Brute
Treachery Demon

Shattered Star:
Alchemical Golem
Gug x2
Hell Hound x3
Mummy Cleric
Natalya Vancaskerkin
Shadow Hound
Skeletal Champion

Skull & Shackles:
Brinebones, Skeletal Dragon
Brinebrood Queen
Drowning Devil
Grindylow x6
Pirate Sailor
Pirate Smuggler
Shark x2
The Eel
The Whale

Legends of Golarion:
Degenerate Serpentfolk x4
Moon Beast x2
Serpentfolk High Priest
Serpentfolk Mystic
Toad Demon
Ulat-Kini x4

Wrath of the Righteous:
Demonic Familiar
Lost Soul

Reign of Winter:
Zombie Panther

Lost Coast:
Boggard Warrior x4
Goblin Mutant

Dungeons Deep:
Bone Golem
Bubbling Cauldron
Burning Brazier x2
Dire Boar
Elder Thing
Gnoll Spellcaster
Mouth Horror
Sarcophagus x6

Rusty Dragon Inn:
Dancing Girl
Draft Horse
Dwarf Bard
Flesh Golem
Kobold Devilspeaker
Riding Dog
Riding Horse
Serving Girl
Silver Dragon
The Rusty Dragon Bar

Deadly Foes:
Doppelganger x4
Lemure x4
Spawn of Cthulhu x2

Crown of Fangs:
Bone Devil
Doctor Davaulus
Dream Spider
Emperor's Thug
Fungal Guardian
Geist x2
Giant Scorpion
Giant Scorpion
Giant Spider
Gnome Executioner
Grave Monument
Halfling Archer
Monstrous Skeleton
Skeleton Cavalry
Skeleton Champion
Skeleton Infantry
Skeleton Spearman

Maze of Death:
Ghost Fungus x4
Giant Moray Eel
Halfling Butcher
Ice Devil
Juju Zombie x4
Lizardfolk Mireborn
Mind Frond x2
Nightmare Dragon
Pretty Goblin
Purple Fungus x4
Ratfolk Artillery x4
Ulat-Kini Mystic
Ulat-Kini Warrior
Urdefhan Necromancer
Urdefhan Warrior
Viper Vine
Witchfire x4
Wood Golem

Jungles of Despair:
Apparatus of the Octopus
Giant Ant x4
Giant Leech x4
Human Hunter
Infectious Qlippoth
Metal Cobra x4
Murder Vine
Musk Creeper x4
Pit Trap
Ravenous Qlippoth
Serpentfolk Cleric
Serpentfolk Hunter
Serpentfolk Rogue
Serpentfolk Wizard
Skull Pole x4
Summoning Pillar
Thulgant Qlippoth
Trunk Chest

Bloody Skeleton x4
Brambly Bush x2
Cyclops Lich
Elf Ghost
Faerie Dragon
Hill Giant
Jubilost, Gnome Alchemist
Octavia, Half-Elf Arcane Trickster
Raised Dias
Stolen Lands Bandit
Tristian, Human Cleric
Wererat Archer

Ruins of Lastwall:
Whispering Tyrant
Skeletal Samurai x4
Leng Ghoul x6
Canopic Jars x3
Draugr x4
Razmir Priest
Roiling Oil x4
Vanth Psychopomp x4
Funerary Bed
Afterlife Scale
Murderous Undead x3
Skeletal Speaker
Stone Cairn
Crypt Wall x4
Cemetery of the Fallen

Legendary Adventures:
Cloud Giant (either variant)
Dwarf Rogue
Goblin Ankle Slasher
Goblin Chief
Goblin Dog-Slicer
Goblin Guard
Goblin Horse-Chopper
Goblin Village
Shadow x4
Yeti x4

D&D Minis WANTS:

Tyranny of Dragons:
Doppleganger x3

Elemental Evil:
Fire Bat x4
Ghoul x2
Water Elemental

Rage of Demons:
Dretch Demon
Kobold Guard
Kuo-Toa Archpriest
Kuo-Toa x4
Red Dracolich
Shadow Beholder
White Dracolich

Monster Menagerie:
Mummy x4
Phase Spider
Strahd Zombie

Storm King's Thunder:
Hellhound x3

Monster Menagerie 2:
Adventurer’s Camp items
Black Pudding
Ezmerelda's Wagon w/ Horse
Giant Rat

Tomb of Annihilation:
Giant Scorpion

Monster Menagerie 3:
Arcanaloth (both variants)
Death Dog
Gibbering Mouther
Hill Giant

Dragon Heist:
City of the Dead - Statues & Monuments

Guildmasters' Guide to Ravnica
Fungus Drudge x4
Blistercoil Weird
Azorius Homunculus
Deathpact Angel

Dungeon of the Mad Mage
Shadow x4
Grey Ooze
Beholder Zombie
Death Tyrant
Halaster's Lab

Baldur's Gate: Descent into Avernus
Barnabas the Flameskull x4
Nupperibo x4
Scarla Truestrike
Legion Pit Fiend
Legion Bone Devil

Misc. Other Stuff WANTS:
These are all of interest to me, however since there can be a lot of variation with different product lines, etc. please contact me and let me know what you have. I may or may not be interested depending on the design, detail, etc.
Steampunk appropriate bases (30mm, 40mm, 50mm, and 120mm)[/list]
  • Colored Maple Leaf Scatter, fall and spring/summer colors OK
  • Hirst Arts Fieldstone Basic Block Mold #701
  • Hirst Ruined Fieldstone Mold #75
  • Bescon Halloween Polyhedral RPG Dice Set
Green Stuff World WANTS:
  • Rolling Pin - Dutch Bricks
  • Rolling Pin - Cobblestone
  • Rolling Pin - Bricks
  • Rolling Pin - Temple Bricks
  • Rolling Pin - Pavement
  • Rolling Pin - Frozen Drought Fields
  • Rolling Pin - Wood Planks
  • Rolling Pin - Factory
  • Rolling Pin - Sett Pavement
  • Rolling Pin - Madness
  • Rolling Pin - Egyptian
  • Rolling Pin - Flagstone
  • Roll Maker Tentacle Tool
  • Roll Maker Tentacle Tool XL
  • Texture Plate - ChainMail - Size S
  • Texture Plate - Wolf Fur
  • Resin bits: tree stumps, crates & boxes, gravestones, books, mushrooms, candles, skulls, stalactites & icicles – multiple companies make these kinds of products, let me know what you’ve got!
Lower rating pays/ships first, standard B-Town practice. If we are particularly close in refs we can discuss a simul-send. I also reserve the right to ask people without newer refs to pay/ship first.

Trade refs not left by: BlackBreath

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